Friday, January 4, 2019

December Daily 2018: Days 13, 14, & 15

Believe it or not, I made it all the way through Dec. 31 by the 2nd!  I'm going to add the images three days at a time here as I like to both share and have a digital record.  Above is the 13th, which was crafts and cookie season intro with the girl scouts. 
This is the two page spread

The 14th was the final phase of "Project Care" B went to Faithworks with his team and helped deliver the gifts they had purchased and lead around the kids who were participating.

Day 15 was our HUGE Christmas Open house party so there are a lot of photos!
I went with a big collage for the second page complete with this overlay.

The party included up to 80 people, lots of friends, family and neighbors.  We met a lot of new people in the process.  We had SO much food and lots left over. It is a really fun event and a lot of work, but I am so glad we have made it part of our family traditions. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

December Daily 2018: Days 10, 11, & 12

 Day 10: We had a lot of home work and Chores and things today so I felt like we needed a little merry at the end of the day and handed out the Christmas PJs.  This is pretty much how it goes. I have a list of things I plan for December, but often don't assign them to a particular day so we have some flexibility as the schedule evolves.
 Here is the two page spread. It seems really weird to have identical style pages next to each other.  I am thinking of adding an insert of B with his first day of braces too...
 Day 11: B's first band concert.  Having this the same day he got his braces was a bit crazy and extremely unintentional. He persevered and did better than I expected.  I also took a bit of crazy driving around the Edmond North parking lots to get there so was a little wild transit, but a lovely concert. Grandma joined in the fun and a good time was had by all .
Day 12:  I came to the stunning realization after the concert that it was almost Santa Lucia's day and, unlike these other random traditions, I didn't have the appropriate food on hand so I madly ran out and bought orange rolls before the store closed. M, Grandma, and I made them in the morning and properly crowned her with lights.
 This is one of my favorite moments of Advent ad needs a few more photos so these pages flip up.
 The lower page lifts to show the whole crew at early breakfast with our orange rolls and hot chocolate.
 Here is the double page spread.
I made this base page in November based on a similar page of Ali's and I very much love it.  It is purely an art piece, but lovely and elegant and a good match for the day in the end.  This actually also is E's 1/2 birthday so an accidental celebration of that as well. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December Daily 2018: Days 7, 8, and 9

 Day 7 - We thought there might be a snow/ice event this weekend so we went to Target right after school to buy gifts for our Angel Tree kids.
 As usual, we picked kids of similar ages and each of our kids got to shop for them.  We try to buy each a book, hat, gloves, socks, outfit and toys.  It is pretty fun.  Then we wrap them up (well, most of them, B's was for a group that asks that they be unwrapped).  We dropped them off at church and, of course, there was no snow or ice :)
 Day 8 --- this is why everything got delayed. It is always hard for me to figure out how to document the tree decorating. I want a zillion photos and have so many thoughts.  In the end I made a collage with lots of photos this year and did just a little journaling on this central tag.

 Freely admitting I wasn't at my most creative this evening but tried to be Ok and just go on.
 I do sort of love this bunch of photos with just a few rubber words on them.
 As I did these out of sequence the back was blank so I added this simple graphic tree page from a prior kit.
 Day 9:
 This was my first time at the neighborhood ladies PJ and ornaments party.  After a busy Saturday full of chaos and decorating and Sunday with church and more house stuff I was really glad to just relax with neighborhood friends and enjoy food and conversations.

Simple and good!

Monday, December 10, 2018

December Daily 2018 Days 4, 5, & 6

 Here is what the days 3-4 spread looks like.  I ended up with a small insert + a full page.
 Day 4 was all about cookie making/testing.  We didn't really have the appropriate ingredients so we just made 3 small batches with the ingredients we had on hand. It was lots of fun1
 The back of the insert card is just patterned paper from a prior year plus the date.  I l love the layers even though I know my album is going to be huge later, but crafting is 1/2 the fun.
 The full page is this overhead shot of all three kids putting dough on the sheets together.  I love it. One thing I've definitely learned from Ali is to go ahead and make/use the big prints in these books. I always love it when I make it happen. (Thanks to Brent for patiently helping me through making this originally horizontal image work in a large size).
 The two page spread looks like this.
 Day 5 was about Christmas card making and processing. We are sending more cards than ever this year and I'm so excited that they are all ready to go!
 Day 5/6 together-
Day 6 - 6th Grade Winter Fest -  First a 3x8 page with B and his friend Jack as the party wound down.  The party included games, inflatables, food, dancing, photobooth, etc... lots of 6th graders running amok.
 The back tells the story.  The sweetest part was that when it was over he wanted to go get snowcones just the two of us.  It completely melted me. I could tell as the party wore on that he was getting kind of bored/frustrated/over it and all my middle school angst came right back. I was so touched that his proposed recovery was a little date out with me.  I also love that he looked for a way (consciously or not) to turn his mood around.
 Two page spread.
The top photo is hard to see, but it is the dancing. B is somewhere in the middle of it. 

I was really grateful that I'm friends with more of the moms now as it was good to have people to go to with questions and/or talk to while we waited around.  It also seems to be helping build up B's friend base a little. Middle school is weird, but there is no one else I'd rather walk through it with again. He is doing awesome!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December Daily 2018: Days 2 & 3

One way I'm trying to make this project more reasonable this year while still blogging it is posting a couple days at a time.  This project is a marathon, not a sprint and the idea is not to tell every story or make every day into the greatest work of art. (Yes, I'm reminding me as much as you).  With that in mind, here are days two and three.
 Day 2 - Full page spread. 
 I am very tempted to put something in those other circles.  I may yet.  That said a bit of visual space in this album is a good thing too.
 The facing page - the first pocket has a card fro the kit that seemed appropriate for our first Christmas party of December.  We were celebrating the 2nd Annual Jones family Christmas Movie watching.  The image is all of us at the Jones' house watching Elf in their movie room.  It was a busy day and great to share food, fun, and Christmas cheer with Brent's family.  We had lunch and stayed to play a bit too.
Day 3 - I spent part of the day just being overwhelmed about all the preparations I need to be doing. I made lists, I vented to my sister, I tried to make progress.  Then I was reminded of something from this week's homily (and probably every Advent of my life).  Advent is about the preparation and part of its lesson is to look for the joy and beauty in the preparation, not just in the party.  So, to refocus, I gathered up most of the supplies we had purchased earlier that day and marveled at them for their beauty, not as parts of a bigger project plan. I pondered how nice it was to see a new friend while shopping and how her smile and stopping to say Hi added joy to a chaotic shopping trip with y kids.  I considered the supplies we gathered and really are lovely.  There are blush decorations I'm adding, just because they make me happy.  There are red and gold paper goods for parties to come and red, green, and gold wrapping supplies.  There are new ornaments - some to keep and some to share at upcoming events. There are advent candles to light as we prep and pray. 

The beauty of a fully decorated house full of party guests is still weeks away, but there is beauty in the pieces too and joy in the preparation.  So today I'm embracing Advent rather than fretting about not being "ready" yet and suddenly these steps are less stressful and more purposeful.  What a good idea. 


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