Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It appears I was hasty in my earlier statement that I'm not going to make cut-out cookies with my kids.  Today, B and I made gingerbread people to take to his class tomorrow for his birthday and I actually didn't loose my mind.  It was even fun.  Big thanks to The All-American Cookie Book that I got for Christmas for making B's several month long wish for gingerbread men come true.

2. I love Tuesdays.  Lots of time to play with kids and then a quiet afternoon of working.  Who doesn't love playing spaceships?  Think I'm settled in to WAHM world and may have trouble returning to a "normal job."

3. Wish my sister lived in OK.  Had a great time with her and wish we could just hang out whenever without the travel and time pressures.

4.  My Dad called to ask for some help with something about OU today and I completely forgot to call him back as I got into my work day.  Feel horrible...

5.  Water aerobics varies wildly in intensity depending on who is teaching.  Loved being pushed by the teacher today and think I may switch to going on Tuesdays rather than Mondays.

6. Swear Maggie grew right before my eyes today.  I am amazed how quickly they grow.

7.  Wish for sleeping consistency with M.  In the last week, sleep has been 11, 8, 6, 6, 8, 10, 10 hours per night.  Her new trick is just waiting until late to go to sleep.  Once she finally sleeps she does well, but seriously babies need to go to sleep before 10pm.

8.  My Dad is strangely good at putting Maggie to sleep.  He did it three times straight this weekend with no problems.  Maybe if he would like to be appointed our official sleep wizard? (And forgive me for item 4, so sorry Dad).

9. B is strangely fascinated by the Star Wars Clone Wars Cartoon, Part II.  I'm mostly sure he has no clue what is going on and has not yet seen Star Wars.  Oddly, seems to be following it "because they have blue swords"

10. LOVE the extra 45 minutes of sleep I sometimes get in the gap between when Brent wakes up and leaves for work.  I probably "should" get up with him, but some how that tiny bit of extra sleep feels so luxurious.  (See item 2 about struggles with going back to a normal job when/if that day comes).  Also, I think it is a little break where I know he is handling any child situations while I'm snuggled in my blankets. I love my husband!

Happy Tuesday and look for some birthday thoughts tomorrow!

Ps. I believe it is National Popcorn Day time again. Enjoy!

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