Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2017 WITL Sunday

(Note - I'm post Saturday and Sunday close together so if you missed Saturday, you can find it here.)

Most of the time Sundays begin with church and Sunday school.  Sunday school is over and we all needed to spend some time just at home resting so we took that today.  Brent and I didn't even get out of bed until 8:30am and it was luxurious.  I haven't been sleeping very well (see stress/spinning mind) so a little extra sleep was lovely.  The kids had mostly taken care of breakfast themselves. 

They were ready for some dance time.  This is M with Moana music.  E danced to some Batman tunes shortly thereafter as our breakfast entertainment. 

9:37am - inspired to watch a little Moana together. Love the snuggling.  That bowl on her lap is strawberries she picked from the garden in the front yard. 
10:50am- Grocery store trips can't be avoided, sadly.  I could not face a big trip to Crest so I pared the list back to the basics and we went to Uptown.  These silly kids make me smile. 

11:25am - While we were home unpacking the groceries, I realized that we had not purchased the snacks for E's class and so E and I went back for round two...He is a very good shopping buddy. 
11:59am - Back home, M's neighborhood friends are over playing Just Dance.  They wander back and forth between houses. 

12:59am - At long last we made it to see the new Beauty in the Beast.  I loved it.  I almost cried a few times.  M snuggled me through the movie, which I loved.  There was some odd camera work at times, but overall the images, costumes, and music were just beautifully done.  I decided our kids are growing up too fast. 
 6:04pm - Sunday Supper - We started this plan maybe six months ago. My siblings, their families, and our mom live pretty close together, but sometimes we don't see each other all week.  We were going out to lunch after Mass often on Sundays, but that is expensive and tricky with all the kids.  So, we established a standing dinner on Sunday evenings.  The "where" moves around based on convenience.  It doesn't always happen.  Many times it is just two families, but occasionally everyone makes it and it is tons of fun. This was the first time that has happened with both of the new babies.  IT was awesome.

 6:20pm - The two granddaughters!
 7:18pm - S'mores by the fire pit with Uncle Zach. He also made home made strawberry ice cream (So good! I don't know when I last had homemade ice cream!) The rest of the meal was grilled pork chops, sweet potatoes, fruit salad, green salad, and bread - quite the feast!

 7:26pm -Babies by sunset

 7:44pm - Switch babies and rock. Brent left for work around 7:30pm.  The kids were having too much fun so I brought them back home a bit later.

 8pm - This wild rabbit was our guest, but sadly didn't survive overnight.
 8:15pm - Able came by to pick up the title and keys to the Jetta.  He is going to attempt to sell it for us this week.  So grateful for his help!
 8:25pm - M is finishing up her bedtime process. This often includes picking up dirty clothes from various places.  See how she is guarding the closet view a little? I suspect more cleaning is coming tomorrow, but the rest of her room looks nice.

 8:28pm - The boys are nearly ready.  We really have to put batteries in E's toy soon.  Just keeps getting forgotten.
 8:31pm - Final images - We had to work to get a picture of B reading in the top bunk, but this is about 1.5 hours of his day so I really wanted it in there.  Then I looked down and there was one enthusiastic 4yo! He gave me a million kisses and hugs.  Double hug century is continuing, but it is clear now that E either doesn't know or doesn't care what "double" means.  It is getting me more hugs with B, which makes me happy.
8:34pm - I've made it to the bottom of the stairs.  Final shot of my new kicks.  While Brent is at work, I talk to my mom for awhile, have a little more protein, get ready for bed, read, and ponder why I suddenly have more of a cough.  There might be a little Instagram scrolling in there as well.  He gets home around 10:30, he tells me about his students, and we go straight to bed and hope of a restful night. 

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