Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2017 WITL Saturday

Saturday, we were able to sleep in just a little before a big day of activities. I began with a 30 minute run + 40 minutes of a tabata circuit and made it the swim meet about 10 minutes after I was supposed to (oops?)  Meanwhile, Brent, M, and B headed to March for Science Oklahoma

9:36am - near the OK state capitol building -- the March activities began with a bunch of fun science crafts and activities for the kids.  It was also Earth Day thus the poster above.
Telescope time with Lunar Sooners
Nature games
Fun Science experiments. 
Brain hat - colored by M

By 10:30 the march was moving to the rally portion.  They didn't stay much longer as it was too cold for our littler marchers.  So they headed to the swim meet where Grammie and Granddaddy joined them for a little fun watching swimming and going out to get lunch during breaks in the action. 

1:03pm - B is on to his fourth race -- -He began with anchoring the 200 Free Relay-- his first length of an Olympic pool.  His team got 3rd overall in their age group.  Then, he swam 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke.  Now it is time for his favorite and best event - butterfly.
about 51 seconds later he is done and feeling good--- what we didn't realize until days later is that this very first butterfly race qualifies him for his first ever individual event at the Division I state swimming championships! He is about 3 seconds under the entry requirements.  This is a huge deal and a big step for him.  SO excited!
1:23pm - Here he is with his buddies between races.  They often play video games, warm down (swim for awhile after their race), eat snacks, etc... He has made some great friends on the team.
1:28pm - Last minute tips from Coach Kathy.  These are the 10 and under boys preparing for the 50 breast stroke.  There is a lot of standing around in line at these meets and that is their next stop after the pep talk.
1:44pm - Just about ready to go! He spots Brent in the stands and waves hi.  (I'm timing at the opposite end of the pool).
It takes about a minute to finish.  His time is about 4 seconds too slow for state.  His best buddy Mason (just above him) is only a second off the time.  B is amazed and impressed that he finished 3rd in his heat as he sometimes struggles with breast stroke. This is the last 50m event so I'm free to go home too.  I'm a little cranky after hours timing and some issues with how I wrote down times for some of the racers. I also haven't eaten lunch. We head home so I can do that.

3:14pm - M and I go looking for a Unicorn Frappucino, but sadly they were all gone so hot chocolate and a little disappointment instead.  We head to Lowes on the way home for some flowers to cheer our house up. 

3:52- Meanwhile, the boys all got their hair cut and E has very cute spiky hair.

4:11pm - We plant the flowers and herbs and work to clean up the porch and sidewalks from the flooding on Friday.  There are substantially more erosion problems in the backyard than I was anticipating. Right after this we get a crazy bill from the mortgage company suggesting we are a month behind on payments despite having paid everything exactly on time.  It is confusing and very worrisome. (I stress about this for a couple days and Brent calls them Monday and it is fixed in minutes with no penalties to us as we did everything right and they have the right amount of money... sigh).
4:55pm - While I'm stressing and printing out payment information - M notices a friend down the street is out playing.  She joins with them and they continue to play off and on at our house or theirs for the next several days.  I'm cautiously optimistic that she'll have a neighborhood friend to play with frequently now.
5:00pm - Brent installing hooks for the hanging baskets M picked out.  Sadly his knee still is hurting so we only got through one today as the ladder situation was too painful.

5:25pm - E and I snuggled in to watch a little Lilo & Stitch together. I needed a break from all the things that weren't working/stress.  We had a super simple dinner, mostly prepared by M. (Note the new Marlin mom shirt). 

6:58pm - The neighborhood boys come looking for B to play nerf guns.  He still has on his team swimming suit and it is five hours after the meet.... I am prepping to leave for the ballet. B isn't sold on the going outside idea, but eventually does. M is playing with the girls down the street. 

7pm - Ready for the Ballet - I have season tickets with Tracie and Nikki.  The main piece tonight was a Midsummer Night's Dream (original choreography by the head of OKC Ballet).  There was also a short piece around WWII.  Walking in to the ballet, I saw Mason (B's swimming friend mentioned above) and his mom.  We discovered that they have season tickets two seats down from mine so we've likely been sitting next to each other for years and not realized it! I thought the ballet was lovely.  The costuming and scenery, in particular, were gorgeous.  After the ballet, I headed home from some much needed additional food and an evening drink with Brent.  We talked through the things that were still bothering me and headed to bed looking forward to a less busy Sunday.

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