Monday, October 5, 2009

This Week: Sunday with Thomas!

For those of you new to the blog this week I'll be doing a "This Week" series as last year that chronicles what a week is like in our lives right now. It is inspired by Ali Edwards' project last year and is one I hope to repeat periodically.

A Day Out With Thomas!
It seems fitting to begin the project with a big family and friends outing. Our family along with all our parents and the Hoppers had a great time yesterday visiting Thomas and enjoying all things trains. It was a little drippy and chilly, but that probably helped significantly with the lack of lines. The event takes place at the Oklahoma Railway Museum. The highlight, of course, is a train ride with Thomas himself. Before and after the big ride we explored the other activities including - meeting Sir Topham Hatt, a magic show, tattoos (B declined), safety demos, lots of model trains to watch and play with, big trains to look at, a gift shop, balloon animals, mini golf and more! B seemed to enjoy the magic show and his new train whistle the most. M happily slept through the whole thing snug in her sling:)

For the train ride, we were in the Oklahoman Car. It was the first car in line and completely and included air-conditioning. It also was the car attached to Thomas the Tank Engine which was a highlight for the little ones. The ride consisted of about 25 minutes going up and back down a straight track. It was just the right length to hold the kids' attention. They all got certificates and information about upcoming train events as well. After the ride, each got to have their picture taken with Thomas! It was a great time and I think it was a pretty good idea to have an event that was all about B in this current transition to big-brotherhood.

Eventually, we all got hungry and tired so we headed home, but a great time was had by all.

This Week Journaling:

Day at a Glance:
7:30am - Woke up at the farm and pulled ourselves together for the ride to the city.
9am- Drove to OKC caravan style. M managed to remain calm almost the entire way! My parents had some car trouble when we stopped for a drink, but we all made it to Thomas with Plenty of time to spare.
10:30am - 1pm Fun with Thomas + our family and friends!
1-2pm - Heading home, lunch, and transition to naps, plus visiting with my parents. M was convinced she was starving so big bottle for the little lady.
3:30-5:45 B still asleep so I joined him for the next two hours of nap while Brent and M hung out, played on the internet and M slept occasionally.
6pm- We wake B up and our normal evening fun continues. We have popcorn and a movie, play on the floor while M naps, eat some dinner, play Wii, and general family fun.
7:30 -9:15pm nighttime ritual begins with M's bath, followed by big brother and jammies all around. It was a bit drawn out tonight due to B's late nap, but everyone was pretty cheery.
9:15-10pm - A little internet time for Mom and Dad before we head to sleep. I fabulous news, M only woke up twice in the night so we're all feeling a lot more well rested!


Jamie said...

Yeah! I am so glad it is "this week" time again! I love it!
I am so super jealous about the Thomas event. John would have LOVED it. He is not so much into Thomas, but "choos choos" is general. Although "airp'ne" is still transportation of choice. :)

Chrissie said...

Yay!!!! I'm so looking forward to reading all about this week! It's wonderful so far! I just love the details =)

Summer said...

This is such a good idea. What do you guys play on wii with B? I thought K was too young but maybe not?


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