Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ten on Wednesday

1. We are moving in 8 days.  We made small steps closer today as the repairs list came back to them and is "maybe" OK.  Good lawyering says it commits them to fixing the termite issue.  Realistic buyer suspects they are bad at drafting. We're going to lock it down, but are fixing or giving us money for all the other items.

2.  With that in mind, we have only packed items in the garage basically since April.... perhaps we should start, but we mostly only left things we are using so it is hard to pack them far in advance because we are mostly using these thing daily.

3.  All of the kids are sad about moving.  B is the saddest and emo/clingy way more than usual.  Not to mention that he actually walked directly into the exterior of our brick house today while playing marco polo with the babysitter.  PS that game is somewhat safer in water or open spaces than next to our house.  He needed alone time after that and has a big goose egg on his forehead and skinned knees.

4.  In one of my more substantial parenting fails, I thought Frozen dance camp was tomorrow and, in fact, it was today.  MUCH devastation with that news.  We're trying to get her reschedule to August or to the more generic "choose your princess" camp tomorrow. We bought a leotard today that is beautiful, but now she is upset because if she takes tomorrow's class she won't have a costume (it is a costumed class) and all hers are in storage.  Her life is hard. I suspect we will think of something tomorrow. (Updated - Dance Unlimited graciously switched her to the Princess Choice camp today where kids come as whatever princess they choose for free!  SO awesome. We picked up a Sophia Magician's Robe along the way and she was ready to go! Hooray!)

5. Swimming lessons are going rather well at the Y.  B is doing amazingly well and I get to exercise during his class.  He is a little stressed out about how we will meet up after, but otherwise content.  M's class is probably a bit hard for her, but also what she needs.  She is sticking with it, working hard, and getting better every day.  Very encouraging.

6.  Last week, M did the Disney Mini-Musical Camp.  It was awesome.  They had five songs with motions and did very well with them. I think she enjoyed it and did well with the performance at the end. I have a couple videos that I'll try to share here separately.

7. It seems increasingly insane that we are leaving for DC for nearly a week just days after we move.  It is happening though. I think it will be a good trip, but hard to focus with all the other things happening just now. Lots of things are shifting in my office too so it feels like one more instability. I keep thinking that come November this is all going to great.

8. Tomorrow is the last day of IRSP for Brent.  In the prior six years, him being gone has taken over our June and seemed to be the craziest thing.  This year, it really wasn't much of a disruption compared to every single other thing happening.  This is probably good as he has two more weeks of camp in July, which is a first.  Here's hoping that goes smoothly too.

9.  E has decided to switch his nap schedule to 2:20pm.  This is not ideal as it means he is mostly sleeping when the babysitter is here and mostly not when she's not... Best laid plans.  Speaking of which the babysitter is taking off to London for two weeks unexpectedly.  Luckily, I'm not working much during that time due to the move and trip, and have found someone to fill in for the missing days, but seriously????

10.  Baseball season is over for the spring it ended with an in-field home run in the last game of the season--the only one Brent missed :(  It was a rainy day, but a good end to the season and the team won!  I've enjoyed baseball evenings more than predicted.  I sort of hope we get to do it again.  I think we will, but we shall see.

Monday, June 15, 2015

E @ 3 - Zoo Birthday Party

Sunday was E's big Zoo birthday party!  He has been so excited to have a batman birthday at the zoo and so have I as it seems like the perfect place to hang out with friends.  The zoo birthday adventure began with each kid getting a small stuffed animal zoo buddy to be their friend today and thereafter.  Each family was also given a set of prompts for a photo scavenger hunt that involved the new zoo buddies.
 Uncle Able managed to get nearly all the items photographed for the scavenger hunt before we made it into the actual zoo.
 One item on the scavenger hunt was taking a photo with the birthday boy :)
 For the very first time in all my nearly 8.5 years of motherhood I bought a cake from the store.  My cake baking and decorating supplies are all in storage so I caved.  E, and everyone else, seemed to love it.  We sang happy birthday, ate the cake, mini doughnuts, mini muffins, and juice near the entry to the Oklahoma Trails exhibit as the bat barn was #1 on E's must see list for his batman birthday party.
 E got lots of awesome presents and will have a MUCH more fun week as he is quite tired of the toys we didn't pack away and ready for a lot more fun!  He had plenty of help opening his presents too.
 The Korenaks, as always, exemplify the party spirit and all came wearing batman shirts, some of which were specially purchased for this occasion.  So awesome!
 We ended up with a pretty large group of around 27 people.  We stayed together at times, but also wandered away and back together as everyone made their own way through the zoo.
 For some reason, M and the bears seems a particularly lovely picture today.
 This is one of those classic moments when we try to get all of the kids in one picture and they keep wandering in and out and adults wander in and out trying to corral them.  I probably have 10 versions.
 After the Oklahoma Trails portion of the zoo, we visited the lions briefly and then headed to the elephants.  The view from someone's shoulders is always best.  (Brent might have ended up with muffin in his hair though).  We happened to arrive right at the keeper time and got to see every one of the elephants, but especially the very cute baby Achara!

 B took the scavenger hunt to heart and is getting his picture with Slush (the stuffed dog) and an elephant for the bonus round!
 Thanks especially to Tracie for always making sure I am actually in some of the photos from family events!
 E and Genevieve were part of the stroller crew, mostly made up of his 2-3 year old friends.
 Finn is another of his stroller buddies.  His brother Eli couldn't make it, but I think Finn had a good time with his mama all to himself.
 We elected to take the elephant express back to the top of the zoo and take a little rest while we waited for it to arrive.

 Riding the tram back was lots of fun, especially as our group took up almost the entire thing!
 E loves his lion so and snuggled it carefully on the tram ride.
 Finn and Kela on the tram!
 Molly and Genevieve
 Tracie also got an awesome picture of M and her grandparents!
 And with her goddaughter
 The OKC Zoo doesn't actually have huskies so we decided a mexican grey wolf was a close enough relative.
 B took this group picture and he, Brent, Molly, and Tom are among the missing guests, but it is very close to the whole group!
Our family watching the elephants, photo credit to Tracie again.  We had a wonderful time and came back to the house to cool off with the Wainrights and Tracie in the afternoon.  B said he had an awesome day and all the kids seemed to love the new animals and spending the day together roaming the zoo.

Also a pretty good lesson for me that simple parties can be the best, but we knew that already, right? I used paperless post to send the invites and loved that it prompted guests to share photos from the day there. It went perfectly with the photo scavenger hunt idea, but also made it easy to get access to everyone else's photos and to share ours with the group. This has existed in photo sites for awhile, but the interface with the invitations and guest list here really helped it work well.  Great tool that I'll definitely use again for parties. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

E @ 3 - Everything is Awesome

 As noted in E's Birthday Interview - The LEGO Movie is definitely his favorite this year.  More particularly, the main theme - "Everything is Awesome".  As an adult watching the movie, you get the sarcasm behind this song.  However, as a kid, it is upbeat, fun, catchy, and everything, hopefully, is awesome.  E loves this song.  It is his personal anthem.  He sings it daily, usually several times.  He increasingly knows more and more of the words, after months of just singing the "hook."  He even sang it in a retirement video for a colleague and friend of mine this week. We listen (and sing to it loudly) in the car, at the dinner table, in his room, anywhere he thinks of it.  He also does some pretty awesome dancing to his favorite tune.  Also, "awesome" has crept into his vocabulary and is regularly used to described many things (because everything is awesome, obviously). It is adorable and brings him such great joy. I love what a happy, joyfilled, smiling, guy he is.  It is infections and, well, awesome.  I love it.

As an aside, E is pretty musical generally. He sings, dances, and plays musical instruments a lot (see harmonica day above).  After M's Disney Musical Performance on his birthday he asked if he could go to a class like that, so we are going to try to find one after the big move.

Ps. Yes, I am trying to get a good video of him singing Everything is Awesome, but so far he's a bit shy/not himself in the video versions.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

E @ 3 - Birthday Interview

E on his 3rd Birthday with doughnut frosting on his face.
Traditionally, we ask our kids the below list of questions about every six months from the time they are three. This means, this is E's very first Birthday quiz! It is a little tricky with a three year old, but also very entertaining :)

1. How old are you? 3
2. Who is your best friend? Gray
3. What is your favorite thing to do? Play with my toys
4. What is your favorite color? Green
5. What is your favorite food? Doughnuts
6. What do you like to do with your family? Walk with them
7. What is your favorite toy? Batman (all the batman things)
8. What do you want to be when you grow up? grown up with Batmans
9.    What makes you happy? Maggie and Daddy
10.   What makes you sad? Putting away my clothes
11.   What is your favorite show to watch? Everything is Awesome (Lego Movie
12.   What is your favorite book? Jake and the Neverland Pirates book
13.   What do you love to learn about: the TV
14.   What was the best part of your birthday? guys - happy birthday
15.   Where do you like to go? Park - likes them all
16.   Who is your teacher? Ms Jenny
17.  What is your favorite treat? Candy
18.   What do you think about before you fall asleep? Everything is Awesome
19.   If you could meet someone famous who would it be? Everything is Awesome and Uncle Able
20.   What was your favorite thing we did at your birthday party? Batman toys

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Year in Photos: E @ 3

Per tradition, a year in photos.  I've included roughly one photo per month, plus a few other favorites. 

June 12, 2014

July 19, 2014

August 9, 2014

September 27, 2014

October 20, 2014
October 30, 2014

November 15, 2014
December 6, 2015
December 25, 2015
January 2, 2015

February 23, 2015
March 11, 2015

April 4, 2015

May 3, 2015
May 31, 2015

June 2, 2015


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