Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  While M and I were enjoying Kari's shower on Saturday, the boys went baseball helmet shopping.  This is E wearing the helmet eventually purchased for B.  He is rocking it, right?

 2.  B is actually choosing to practice baseball a lot more at home.  Today and yesterday he has chosen it over video games, which is a big deal.  I'm glad he's enthusiastic about it still and I think all the males in our family are having fun playing with him.  Tonight, Granddaddy played with him for quite awhile while we were at Parent-Teacher night.  Kind of wish it wasn't quite so hot for all this fun.
 3.  As the shower wound down, Lady M created a zoo in the living room.  There was a wide variety of animals and she very much enjoyed giving tours. (The zoo has been retired as a consequence for some poor choices, but I assume it will return at some point).

4.  M is VERY in to playing "Fireside Girls" these days.  This is actually from Phinneas & Ferb--- sort of like a smash up of campfire girls and girl scouts.  Yesterday, she awarded Grandma and I a number of badges.  We had to complete activities like the Cha Cha slide, finding a lizard in E's room and putting it to sleep, etc... Sadly, I don't think she can join actual Campfire Girls (or an equivalent organization) until she is in Kindergarten.
5.  The garden is starting to wind down as the heat cranks up-- but look, there are maybe 10 baby okra on there somewhere.  We also have three eggplants, a butternut squash and a number of tomatoes still growing.  Here's hoping they make it to maturity!

6.  Tonight was meet the teacher night.  It went pretty well.  His teacher has an ap she uses for reminders, which I love.  She also has been teaching for 18 years, which is a definite plus.  B is having a little trouble remembering what his homework is as it has been "like 3 hours" since she told him.  I suspect we'll figure that out soon.  I'm feeling optimistic about the direction of this class year.

7.  Tomorrow, I'm going on a diner date (of sorts) with my brother to check out the new Tucker's location near my house. I might be irrationally excited about it.  It is possible I need to get out of the house a bit more.

8.  I'm nearing 170 days of consecutive exercise. I wish I was loving it more.  I hear it is "good for my body" I will, of course, continue. I try to keep mixing up what I'm doing.  Anyone have an exercise style, video, class, etc that they love and would like to share?

9. This weekend we're theoretically going to Dallas to meet our adorable new nephew,  Grayson.  His mom, however, has had a rough week after being readmitted to the hospital, released, and now having an MRI for head aches.  We're waiting to see how everyone is before we lock in our plans.  I know she and we would appreciate your prayers for healing and recovery.  It is tough enough to be a new mom with two older boys without all this health stuff too.

10.  E may be a gymnast.  He does somersaults all over the place, spends a lot of time standing on his head on the couch, jumping, falling, and being a little crazy.  He seems to young for an activity, but I do see gymnastics class in his future if this continues.  He is generally happy in school, if a bit tired with shorter school day naps.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kari's Bridal Shower

 On Saturday, we hosted a lovely wedding shower for Kari, my brother's fiancee and our friend, at my home.  Her friends really did most of the work, but we were glad to pitch in and had a lovely day.
 There was a lovely brunch spread.
 It covered the table and counters, including a  mimosa bar!
 Guests were invited to write the couple messages in a bottle to open after the wedding.

 There was plenty of time to chat and congratulate Kari on the upcoming wedding.
 There were also lots of presents.  In addition to physical gifts, many guests chose to donate to their Honeyfund.com registry to help pay for portions of their honeymoon.  Their honeymoon is actually waiting until February as the Fall and early Winter is the height of busy season at the spice shop, but after that chaos, off to Europe they'll hopefully go.

Lady M was the only little girly in attendance and an excellent helper throughout the day.
Mom & Kari
 Tracie took on the role of official photographer and there are photos (not all included here) of every guest at the shower (except for Tracie... she does that on purpose).  She is an awesome friend in so many levels and it was great to share the day with my sister, my soon to be sister, and my best friend that has become a sister as well as my mom.
Kari with her Aunts

Kari with her sisters - one of which has a new baby and wasn't able to attend. 

Kari and her college girlfriends who were also shower hostesses. 

All the women in the Blakley family just now. 

Kari with friends from work.

There are many more pictures that I'll send her way, but these give you the flavor of a happy, beautiful day that extended into several more parties lasting well into the night.

We love you Kari and could not be more excited to have you as our new sister!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

More back to school fun!

B's new Phinneas & Ferb kicks.
 Back to school, fun continued pretty much all week.  The afternoon of the first day, B rode the school bus home from school.  It was roughly 45 minutes later than I anticipated and things were getting tense.  Happily, he eventually bounded in the door for a family dinner with the Korenaks, but we completely missed M's scheduled hair cut.
Lady M was a little more serious for her first day than she was for sending B on his way.  She wanted to fancy up her hair so we put in a lot of braids the night before for a lot of kinks in the morning.
Daddy coaxed some smiles out of her though.  

She picked roses for her hair from the rosebush nearby.  So sweet.
Group shot - this year including Daddy as E was not willing to pose without him.
They are awfully cute together though!
These are M's new running shoes.  We discovered any shoes appropriate for running were worn out or too small and she needs to run with her mama and her friends so here we are!
Finally, B's bus arrived (we can see the bus stop from our front lawn so we were monitoring his wait while taking M & E's pictures).  We had started walking to join him for the wait and were almost to the corner when the bus arrived.
E, of course, rocked the Thomas Rainboots for back to school.

Just before drop-off, M was much more nervous and told me she was scared.  We walked her through it and she did fine.  Her teacher says she was a great help.  E, of course, sobbed when we left him, but, I'm told, also had a great time playing with his friend W, cars, and stuffed dogs.
After school, we met up with M's best friend Kyle for a playdate at the splash pad.  He goes to a different school now, but they are still fast friends and tell us they plan to marry some day.  Kyle's sister is in M's class today and we hope to keep seeing lots of them both!

The next day was our Mommy and M day at home.  M wanted to try curlers for more fancy hair.  It was cute, but didn't stay in long.  We need more product and possibly different curlers.  We shall see.
By Friday, M was all smiles and ready to thrive in Pre-K

 Today was was the Start of Sunday School.  He celebrated by eating doughnuts with us in the lounge while the big kids joined their new classes.  E, Brent, and I even manged to pick up some milk and fruit while we waited.  E mostly wanted to walk up and down the shady path outside and continually asked where M was.
I joined M's class for their song and prayer at the end, which was sweet.  Both kids reported to having a good day and remarked on how short it was. I think they were imagining a full day of school not just an hour.  Red folders in hand we're ready for this next adventure too.

Amidst all this newness, E also had a virus of some kind and ended up staying home 1.5 days of the 3 days he had school this week.  B also had baseball practice twice for 3 hrs total.  He is learning a lot there as well.

It has a been a busy fun week, but I'm hoping we find our groove a bit more this coming week as things still feel pretty chaotic. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

This post should be maybe six separate posts, but we're going to fly by what we've been up to this week and hopefully I'll write more about some of this later.  To begin, we had our last week of summer vacation.  I took off work Thursday - Monday to facilitate the fun you'll see below. 

1.  First up, Thursday was orientation day at Angie Debo.  B is in Ms. L's class.  Most of his friends are in our beloved Ms. Sheetz's class.  I feel I missed some magic memo on how to make that happen and feel bad about it, but hear good reports about Ms. L so here's hoping. 
2.  For lunch on Thursday, we joined the OSSM Faculty for the back to school cook-out.  I decided this is about my 24th of these both as a child and as a faculty spouse.  They were more fun as a kid, but most things are. We were a little early so we played and wandered around in the heat.  M dubbed this Einstein statue Grandpa and they took turns sitting in his lap (sob). 
B loved climbing on this statute at the entrance. 

Feeding turtles carrot peels

 3.  On Friday, we had our annual back to school trip to Tulsa.  We began with taking the Richards and Wainright kids (all six) to the Oklahoma Aquarium. I think this was Chrissie and my first time taking all six kids somewhere without at least one dad along.  It actually went pretty well.  We spent the afternoon at the Wainright's eating pizza, doing crafts, playing with games and costumes, etc... Our kids play really well together most of the time so Chrissie and I mostly got to chat and smile at baby Maia.  M had a melt down around dinner time so of course we left and all of the kids slept most of the way back.

4. On Saturday, we did back to school errands - hair cuts, baseball practice, new shoes, a few random supplies, laundry, etc.. Then, I randomly (probably to Brent's chagrin) decided it was time to paint the master bathroom, because obviously we had nothing else going on.  In good news, it was completed all in one day and looks great!  Baseball practice was a bit nerve-wracking, and aside from one small incident went really well, which is great news.

4.  On Sunday, we had brunch with Able and Grandma in the morning.  Then, Brent went to work from about 11:30am-9:30pm. Meanwhile, we went to the pool one more time with Granddaddy.  It was great fun.  We only stayed about an hour and a half, and when we left we heard baby Grayson was going to be born soon!  Granddaddy stayed long enough for pudding and some LEGOs before leaving on the big trip to meet the new baby. 

 5.  Then we had a pizza, pickle, and pudding pizza with the Korenak boys and lots and lots of playing.  Grandma even stopped by to join in the fun. (This, and the above shoe shopping trip both ended in M meltdowns and I almost lost my mind as well).

6.  Sunday afternoon, baby Grayson Daniel was born.  We are so excited to meet him in a couple of weeks.  His parents and big brothers are over the moon.

 7.  Then, we spent Monday at the farm.  We played lots of music, helped in the garden, worked on the fountain, swam, did some paintings, ate lots of snacks and popsicles and generally had a lovely day.  (This is also part of our back to school tradition and I'm glad it worked out again this year.  It was a relaxed day with no fits and much giggling).

8. In the evening, we had back to school night at St. Elijah's.  M met her new pre-K teacher and a few fellow students.  E will have one teacher from last year and one new teacher.  His new teacher is B's best friend P's mom.  We love her and are very excited about the year to come.

9.  Basically all week long at any break in the action people have been playing with LEGO blocks.  From the littlest kids through Granddaddy.  They are very much the toy of the week.
B - 2nd Grade

M - Pre-K

Love this photo so much. 

All 3 - E had a fever this morning so could not be pictured without blankets and seems very confused about why we're doing this. 

This is M's traditional school picture shot.  So cute. 
Then we drove B to school for his very first day in 2nd grate.  He seemed great and was laughing as we left. 
 After we dropped him off, M held my hand and led me out of the building. I didn't cry this year, but only just.  Then, I dropped her off for a playdate with Zane and took E home to play with me before his nap (which lasted about 5 hours!)

His bus was very, VERY late and I was a bit of a wreck waiting for him.  It already had seemed like he was gone forever even before the late bus.  M & E dashed out to meet him immediately.  They were very excited too.  Then, we had a lovely dinner with the Korenaks and celebrated school beginning and living close to each other. 

 Post script:

B and I finally made cheese this weekend.  It was on our goals list all summer.  It was delicious.  We plan to make mozzarella next!

 Brent had dorm night tonight so bedtime went late and off the rails.  This is B's selfie.

We missed M's hair appointment today due to bus issues.  She wanted to do something with her hair for back to school.  I strongly suspect there are picture of me exactly like this in the 80s from the hair right through the outfit.  Love it.

Tomorrow M& E start school and I'm sure there will be more stories.  I am lonely already.


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