Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 20 - Prepare

Day 20 - Today felt like the essence of Advent - Prepare!  We spent the day getting ready for all the fun that is coming in the next week.  We made lists of food to be made.  We spent $450 on groceries, including pounds of chocolate, butter, flour, and sugar.  We cleaned, rested, played games, and I did a full hour of yoga by myself at the Y. We wrapped 10 gifts.  I even got to sleep in and Brent made pancakes with the kids.  We sipped coffee and snuggled.  I don't know when the last time we had a Saturday with no plans.  It was just what we needed right now.

The journaling talks about the preparing and there are photos of the tree with presents and pancakes underway.  I doubt I've ever done a one page spread of a Saturday in December before, but it was a good thing.  Strangely it still took me awhile to pick out the embellishments I wanted.  That "December" button is from the SC December Scrapbooking kit and worked quite well.  The green arrow tape is from last year, but has shown up a couple times in this year's album.

I'm feeling much more prepared and rested today.  This morning we slept in again until almost 9!  Cookie baking is underway and we're heading out to see Christmas lights this evening.  Christmas is so close we are tasting it now :)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 19 - Ice Skating!

Day 19 was so much fun!  We spent the evening playing downtown.  It was nice to get to have some evening fun and that our kids are mostly old enough that we could do this without them going crazy.  We did hop in the minivan at the stroke of 8pm though. (We're not completely crazy, yet). 

The left hand page has very detailed journaling about all our adventures and the title "Play," which was the tone of the evening.  The photo below is the Myriad Gardens with the Christmas lights inside shining through and lighting the outside beautifully. (Star chipboard is from last year's kit). 

 The right page has glimpses of the rest of the story.  We went to the Myriad Gardens Skating with Santa event.  My kids were not really interested in seeing Santa, even with a very, very short line, which made me glad we chose not to wait in the long one last weekend.  They did absolutely love the gingerbread village.  It is full of local buildings and some imagined one made by local businesses and schools.  Then, we went into the gardens and explored the transformation of Christmas there.  There are 100s of poinsettias, Christmas lilies (maybe amaryllis?), and 1000s of LED lights wrapped around bridges, trees, and on snowflakes twinkling above.   There was also a high school choir singing in the background.  We are in the garden maybe 5 times a year via our membership, but the kids loved it all over again at night in the magic of twinkling lights.

Next up, time for ice skating!  There is a small outdoor rink just next to the gardens.  We got everyone ice skates.  We have pictures of M ice skating at E's age, but he very much was not ready.  I made one loop with M and then rescued Brent who handed E to me over the rails. E and I were then the cheerleaders to preserve me feet and his sanity.  He did love dancing to the tunes playing along the side of the rink.  M seems to have finally "got" it and skated many, many laps not holding on to the side and sometimes without Daddy.  Mostly she and Brent went around together and I collected a kiss from Brent each lap (possibly to our children's chagrin :).  B made a few laps, but had a head ache and wasn't quite as confident about his skating as M.  He is out there not hanging on to the wall, but taking very tiny steps.  The presence of many high schoolers hugging the edges may have helped push our kids out in to the center.  Everyone was happy, silly, and enjoying skating, dancing, or whatever.

It was time to go as E began to run out of dancing steam and ate the entire apple he found in my bag (core and all).  We walked back to the car watching the lights of the holiday shoppes, carousel, and Devon Tower decorations in the background.  We bought hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows from the Katiebug food truck (SO good with the marshmallows) and made our way home through OKC's Christmas lights.

Everyone made it home with no meltdowns and lots of laughs. It was a great time and I think we'll go skating again before the rink closes in February.

Crafting notes - Easy peasy today. The journaling card is half of one of the patterned papers from the kit with washi tape around the edges.  The letter stickers are from Evalicious and I've used them here and there throughout the album.  On the right hand page, I cut a few of the tags (from the office supply store) in half.  To one I added stamping using SC Coral Bay (?) ink and a tiny gray star using the luxe momento gray ink.  The top tag is just glitter thickers for the date.  Somewhat humorously, I originally labeled this the 17th and only realized in the morning that it was wrong. Time is moving quickly and my book is getting thick.  Still very much loving this project.

Friday, December 19, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 18 - Class Parties

 We last left off with Day 17 and some slight dark photos. We're going to pick back up here with photos from the flat light of a drizzly December day.  I've added an insert between days 17 & 18 that lays nicely over the existing page 17
 I have 3 children who, between them, had 4 school Christmas parties. (Well, 5 if you count M attending the 2nd grade party).  I signed up to help with B's school party along with many other moms.  My task was to bring three apples, and hand out fruit, plates, and candy canes (with M's help).  It was a pretty good, low key party.  They ate their fruit, cheese, crackers, and candy canes while taking turns at a cookie decorating station.  M's class party (I hear) was wearing PJs, having pizza for lunch, and watching Christmas movies in the afternoon while sipping hot chocolate. E had two parties which included pizza, snacks, and presents from the teacher and hand print crafts for the parents. All of these were, I hear, fun, just a lot of logistics.
 Here is 18 with the overlay.  Crafting was incredibly simple for this day.  One stamp, a few stickers, some glitter glue and we're done!  It took less than 15 minutes (not counting drying time).  I'm glad this part of our story is in the book too as it has been a big week for school fun.
Full two page spread--- just in case you were wondering :)  Day 19 "might" include ice skating!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 17 - LEGOs + Cousins

Day 17 brings us back to the keeping it simple with one store per day mode.  There were other possibilities today, but the big story in my mind was an afternoon playing with cousins.  The Korenaks brought us an early Christmas present of Ninja Turtle ornaments they made.  We spent the afternoon playing together.  After a lot of noise, wrestling, disagreement about what to play, etc... we got everyone settled in for a game of Creationary because everyone loves LEGO block building, right?  We all certainly do and managed to stay occupied with the game until pizza arrived.  Brent & Zach arrive close in time to the pizza so the adults had time to swap the stories of their day before the Korenaks left.

I love afternoons like this and just being together with my sister and her family.  Yes, it is totally loud, messy, and sometimes a little intense, but I love every bit of it.  I am so glad my siblings live nearby now!

Crafting notes - I used the kit stamps and puffy dots for the title on the journaling card with, ummm, yes, another gold glitter embossed number :)  I wanted to balance the layout and add a bit of visual interest to the empty spot in the Creationary photo so I made a bit of an embellishment from mostly pieces of the kit & some SC mini red letter stickers.  The top left quandrant is the transparency from Day 16.  The star just happens to land right on the number, which I like.  Today, I happily managed to keep it simple and tell an central story line of what our life is like these days.

Editor's note: I posted days 15 -17 close together, but in separate posts.  If you missed one they are linked below:

Day 15
Day 16

December Daily - Day 16 - Kids

Day 16 - In which I give up on getting photos taken of this project while the sun is up.  That is an unrealistic expectation at the moment so my apologies for some photo issues.  Onward!  In the past, I've devoted on day of December Daily to each child.  This year, days like that just really weren't happening spontaneously.  Also 3 days out of this project is a lot to use for "personality" stories. On the 16th it started as just a page about B, but ultimately I did a segment about each child and think it worked well. 
B is being very cooperative, communicative, and a great helper of late, not to mention very busy at school.  I love this look and his semi-demolished "gingerbread" house from school in the background.  Also, that huge gold B is just too cool.  I wrote about how his is "Right Now" in the journaling and did the same with each of the others.  The journaling is pretty real for all of them with some good stuff and some challenges. 

For once, M isn't the kid in the middle.  This time E is in that spot.  I wanted to keep the pages together and thought using both sides of an insert helped keep the feel of one spread.  He has a picture and journaling on each side of the insert.  All the photos are from December, but not necessarily from the 16th.  (Yes, that is another gold glitter embossed star.  I love them). 
 This is the back of the insert.  E was in to playing trains on Monday and it was great fun.  We were attempting to begin the potty training a bit more so he has on pull-ups too.  He has had kind of an emotional week so some of that is in the journaling too.

Here is E's page open over M's spread.

Last but not least, Lady M in all her dancing joy.  The top photo is from the parking lot after the Nutcracker.  I loved it, but it didn't fit on the 13th.  I'm happy to find it a home here.  The bottom photo is actually from the 17th as Brent & M practice her reading as they do most nights. She is doing much better all around this week and back to her dancing self, which is much happier for all of us. 

Crafting note: More gold, glitter embossed stars...still loving them.  The cool thing though is those tissue paper confetti pieces.  First I used them to create a patterned border along the blank edge of her photo above (much nicer than a parking lot) and then made a little corner with them below.  They are happy and really add visual interest with very little work.  I also wanted more transparent elements.  Originally, I allowed these to float, but decided to attach them with staples to hold them in place and add a little different texture/color than I've been using as keeping any adhesive invisible here would have been tough. 


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