Thursday, November 19, 2015

Compose Yourself - 3rd Grade Musical

 This is how the 3rd grade musical began--- Before the curtain rose we were a bit confused about where B was as he did not appear to be on the risers.  We forgot that he was in the opening act and there he was as the Beethoven pedestal.
 The 3rd Grade performed the "Compose Yourself" musical.  Which features modern kids interacting with famous composers (who are only just realizing they are dead).  There are lots of puns and funny bits.  Also choreography for each class.
 B's class was first and danced/sang to the intro and maybe some of a Mostly Mozart Morning.
 I loved this gag bit where they tried to get the audience to scream if it loved music.
 Totally love the jazz hands and huge smile! (He went to "Mendelssohn's" birthday party this weekend, which was fun).
 Beethoven appears throughout most scenes of the play, but B was only Beethoven for the portion featuring his class (one Beethoven per class).  He did have some fun lines and sang "Out of My Way" to the tune of Beethoven's fifth (you know, dun dun dun, duuuuuun).
 He has had a couple speaking parts before and did a great job.
 His class choreography included a kick line, which seemed a bit ambitious to me, but they pulled it off fairly well and who doesn't love a fun kick line with friends?
 Thinking hard and rocking the steps.

 More Jazz hands
 Love the telephoto as it let's us see that he is really in to it and having fun, not just up there going through the motions.  SO glad he enjoyed it as much or more than we did.  Keep in mind, all those photos were pretty much in the first five minutes of an hour long performance.... Then he was on the risers and having less fun. Keep in mind this was the third time they had done the program that day so exhaustion was setting in. I'm glad his class got to go first while he was still energetic!
Late in the program, all the classes sing a short song in German.  He had been practicing for some time and liked this part.  At the very end, each class also did a rap about their class room. Ms. Courtney's class rap was obviously the best as it included shout-outs to pizza and frito chili pie!

Overall, it was fun to watch and he seemed to enjoy the whole process from preparations through the stage.  We loved watching him sing, dance, and have fun with new friends.  I think it was a great success!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ten on Wednesday

 1.  Big week for B - First Reconciliation!  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the retreat was done.  It was about 2 hours, but no given activity was more than 20 minutes.  First, a small group worship service, then four rotating "flocks." We made a candle, did a craft that went with a story, and then a bit of role play, before our group finally went to Reconciliation. Total time for the Sacrament was about 2 minutes, but he seemed please. I mostly just enjoyed getting to spend all morning together.

 2.  Next up was a "Nerf Wars" birthday party. To accomplish the quick shift from church to birthday party he ended up with a new outfit and new Nerf gun.  Of course it didn't quite work as planned, but he had a good time with his new friends from Cross Timbers. (During all this Brent took M to French and then he, M, and E went to her friend Paisley's bday party and on a mini-grocery outing).

3. Saturday evening was breakfast for dinner (and the beginning of a week of random dinners as we haven't done a full on meal plan/shopping combo for ....some time?).  M jumped right in and was a big helper making this healthier take on scones.
4. This was Monday morning And right here is probably where things began to fall off the rockers.  B is having his usual November horrible asthma.  Which, as always, was followed by insanity caused by steroids.  This year, for extra stress, we paired it with a discovery of a problem at school.  So yeah, lunacy.  By today, we'd talked with the with the Doctor and taken him off all the steroids and on to just double inhalers.  He is remarkably nicer, calmer, and more fun to be around.  And not coughing too much either.
5.  M tried out a new Girl Scout troop this week. The good news is it is much smaller, less chaotic, and seems to be a bit less intense, while still doing all the basic girl scout things.  It is, however, at 3:20, which technically is before her school day ends... but missing 45 min of Kindergarten a month "might" be ok? It is also at the same school where I have to be every day at 3:15 to pick up E so quite convenient and she has a friend in the troop.  So, I think we'll stick with it for at least this year.  Not as convenient as if it was at Cross Timbers, but I'm not willing to start my own troop. 

6. Tuesday, I needed to go for a walk and I thought it might help the general "mood." It was a very lovely walk.  Our neighborhood is being gorgeous for fall.  That said, when we made it to the playground there were less trees and we realized the wind was making it too cold for our apparel.  We were certainly at the park for less time than we spenting walking to and from, but it is all about the journey, right?

7.  Also, see that little guy in the picture above.  That 3 yo is my sweet baby E and I cannot get enough of him.  He is so loving, huggable, and totally my partner in whatever the day needs.  He is finally fully potty trained (during the day), speaking long sentences, dressing himself, and full of awesome.  I want to freeze time and will miss this moment so as he'll be as big as those two ahead of him any day.  For now, he still holds my hand happily when we walk and tells me he loves me all the time.  {melt}
8.  I curled my hair! This may be newsworthy as it happens probably less than once a year.  We curled M's hair for photos and I was at a loss for what to do with mine so we curled it too and then decided to throw away the hot rollers (they were ummm nearly 20 years old and falling apart).  Then I had to test the new ones (and calm down from B's tear-filled homework Tuesday).  So, two days of curls in one week!  Also, tired, stressed, and trying to let it go by.

9.  We have recently been doing some leaf jumping with our big leaf piles in the front yard. It is so fun and everyone loves it.  Sadly, everyone is pretty allergic to it too so there has been a lot of sneezing and some rashes.  We did take photos in the leaves at the end of our session with Heather this weekend so maybe we'll have some fun leaf pictures to go with our sneezes. M spends, by far, the most amount of time playing in the leaves and I'm so glad she enjoys it.

10.  Last Friday was dress as your future career day in M's class.  We talked about a few options, but settled on Artist - In case you can't see, her outfit includes, sparkly french beret, classic striped french artist shirt, book about Monet, Skirt with birds wearing berets and a pocket that holds her paint brushes and watercolors.  Tres chic!  There is also a paintbrush behind her ear. She loved making the outfit and definitely rocked it.

So that's that - a busy week and the start of many more, but I feel like we're making progress on it being a better week at the end than the beginning. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Halloween 2015

Ok, two full weeks later - Halloween! Here is the whole crew at the October Birthday party the week before Halloween.  E is a bit hidden, but otherwise an awesome picture and a great celebration of Grandma, Able, & Kari's birthdays.
 Sister Pic!
 Korenaks - Just such an awesome family picture that I had to include it.  They are seriously good at Halloween.
 Here we are - Little Red Riding and her Big Wolf, a Spider Witch, Dragon, and Ninja.
 Love having pictures of just us once in awhile. . I may wear this costume for years as it is comfortable, warm, and fun. My tendency to repeat costumes makes it difficult for me to criticize B who so far has been a ninja twice and a star wars character of some kind 3 times.
 The cousins.  So cute.
 Love this guy :)
 At the b-day party we also carved pumpkins.  M won the award for doing the best job cleaning hers out by herself.  B carved his by himself for the first time and I had a type A moment when asked to carve M's. Silly things stress me when intense high pressure things are my fav and best moments.  I'm weird that way.
 Smile :)
  M drew the design for her Harry Potter idea.
I attempted to cut it out... ahem.  The ears are due to a need to cut out some rotten spots. 

Three awesome kids and pefectly suited costumes.  The dragon costume is on loan from the Korenaks.  E seemed to think he needed poses like big brother.  B had MANY ninja poses.  M is just like this all the time, and a perfect witch.  Amazingly, all three kids wore these costumes to every event this year.  In prior years, there was some switching (mostly M) but this time everyone was content to stick with their first choices.  They were good choices too as they worked with varying weather and were easy to play in, not to mention very cute. 

We were ready a little early so there was time for a tickle party with the Wolf. 

 M had promised our next door neighbor Tim that we would visit him first.  The kids all loves Tim and he loves them.  It is awesome.  We began and ended the night trick-or-treating at his house, per his request.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love our neighborhood? Definitely do, and it certainly was beautiful for Halloween.
 Just down the street, more fun -

 We took the Korenaks to the spooky house. I had seen it while running and walked the kids over earlier in the week.  They were SO excited to show Zane who loves all things spooky and this definitely lived up to its reputation.  Hard to capture because it was dark, but so awesome without being gross.
 These two boys are getting so big and ran around merrily together.  I was flabbergasted that E never asked to be carried, ran everywhere, carried his bucket until the last couple houses and was generally such a big boy.  No more babies at our house.  Bittersweet moment, but so proud of him.

The night, predictably, ended with me sorting peanut candy out of E's bag and everyone enjoying their King Sized Chocolate Bars before trying to go to bed.  It was such a fun evening.

Thanks to the Korenaks and Grandma for joining us in our neighborhood this year.  Especial thanks to Grandma for handing out candy while we walked through the neighborhood with the kids.

It was a lovely evening and I'm so glad we get to share it with our family.  

Five on Friday

1.  The Oatmeal Comic strip that has been circulating - great message and story. Check it out. (You need the whole strip for this to make sense, not just the part here).

2. Why I think my preschooler is in the CIA - very humorous if you have or know a preschooler

3 White Pintuck Duvet - Crane & Canopy - Once upon a time, I made my first visit to the Hyatt on the Hudson (across from Manhattan).  In a trip where I met NYC for the first time, the thing I remember the most (and loved the most) was the incredible bedding.  Since then, I'm very much a sheet snob and fan of white bedding.  My new fave is this duvet cover which makes me feel like I'm sleeping under a fancy wedding dress.  Random, but true!

4. One Pot Chicken Herb Rice - Ok, this is not an earth shattering recipe or one I'll remember forever.  It is one I'll make again because it is so easy and healthful --- we made ours with orange pieces instead of lemon and added carrots to the pot to cook with the rice.  Easy, flavorful with a few extra Savory Spice Shop blends to kick it up a notch.  Weekday win.

Merch Blog

Merch Blog (clipped to
5.  Emer Pants  Randomly loving my Emer pants from my Stitch Fix.  They have a fun pattern, elastic waste (key for holidays) and are the right length for my short legs.  They have a lot of patterns available elsewhere. Thought I'd share the fun. 


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