Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love Thursday: Babies

I think we've always been pretty clear that Brent and I are not baby people. Don't get me wrong, we love our little ones, but this infant phase just isn't our favorite. I'm not the girl that sees an infant at a party and has to hold it. Not sure why, it just is that way. That said, there are some wonderful things about infants and today I'm going to focus on those to remember later and in those moments where we're frustrated, tired, or wishing time would pass. We're lucky to have been blessed with some sweet wonderful babies and are trying to savor this time as much as those to come.

Things I Love about infants:

- Incredibly soft, wonderful hair, perfect for snuggling. I may not hold other people's babies a lot, but if you'll watch you'll notice I do pet their little heads. I like to think they like it too:)

- The warm weight of your infant sleeping on your chest.

- Snuzzling/Nuzzling - this is when they rub their sweet warm little heads against your neck, face, shoulder, etc. Just magic love.

- Cupping their head in your hands, particularly when they are looking up at you. (Hmmm.... apparently I have a thing for baby heads.)

- The sweet cooing noises where they first seem to be talking to you.

- The intriguing fascination with ceiling fans.

- When they appear to recognize you and seem delighted when you appear.

- In those first early nights when mysteriously I have the super power to quiet them just by talking and realize they know my voice before they are born.

- Those very first smiles that light up their faces.

- Tiny soft clothes and snuggly warm blankets.

- Little sucking noises as they drink.

- Tiny hands holding your finger. I particularly love just now watching Maggie hold her Daddy's hand.

- Watching them hold their heads up and peer around. It is their first neat trick and helps them explore their world as well.

- Wrapping them in your arms and holding them close against your body allowing the full length of them to be cozy against you.

- Carrying them in a sling/carrier snuggly and warm.

- Tiny toes and fingers.

- The most incredibly soft skin, particularly their hands and faces.

- Listening to their breathing change as they slip into sleep.

- Watching them learn and grow each day as you learn together about your shared world.

Ok, so maybe infants are pretty awesome. These two definitely are. I know I will miss sleeping with Maggie on my chest even though I chafe against it sometimes now. I distinctly remember the last time B slept with me in my chair. It was last December and he was a little sick. He had grown from small snuggly boy covering only my chest to gangly boy sprawled all over me. I wrapped us in a blanket and held him close knowing we might not pass that way again and crying just a tiny bit.

You little ones are my love this Thursday.


Erin said...

Very sweet. Love this post!

Summer said...

Made me cry, I think I might just link to this post because you summed up everything I love so perfectly!

Audra said...

I think we all know how much I love babies, especially my adorable nieces and nephews. Have you heard the the Darius Rucker song "It won't be like for long", it will make you cry but it so true.
Love ya

DebB said...

Lovely, dear. You will forget those things, as they grow, until they bring you their children to 'snuzzle' and love. Then it will all come back to you.

Jamie said...


And yes, Summer actually reminded me of that Darius Rucker song during John's infant stage...a good one.


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