Monday, November 30, 2009

It Starts

Today was Miss M's first day in child care. She woke up all cuddly warm this morning in her warm pink blanket and I just couldn't see how I could let her go spend the day with someone else. I took a lot of pictures and held her close. My little lady is so beautiful. I appreciated how blessed I am both to have these amazing children and to have a job that allows me to help provide for all of us. I love my kids and my job, both are necessary. So, I took a deep breath, cried a little and then took the next step.

At this age kids don't really know what is going on with drop off. M transitioned gracefully to her new setting as expected. She seemed fine when I dropped her off and when I stopped by later (yes, I crazily forgot to put the bottles in her bag--- still working on that double-parenting gig). For now, it is mostly a struggle for the parents. It makes me sad and I have such a hard time letting my snuggly little bundle go even if it is just for a few hours. Brent is such a great support and came with me today so all four of us were together to start this next phase.

The care provider is friendly and seems to relate well to her. Nonetheless, I don't know that we have found a long-term solution as driving 15 minutes each way is a bit too much driving in circles for me. As with when I first dropped off B, she smelled different when I picked her up this afternoon which at some mothering level bothers me. Odd the things we notice, isn't it? For now, I am glad that I can work and that she is safe and happy while I do. We'll take each step as it come and hold her close while we can.
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The Barlow-Nguyen's said...

That is such a sweet, sweet picture of her!


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