Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Daily: Day 22 - Normalcy of sorts

Today was very low key.  The kids and I played and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Grandma B came bringing some presents and other things we forgot at the farm. We played more and watched M giggle and roll over. We also spent part of the morning doing some chores to try and retrieve our house from some of the Christmas chaos/everyday clutter. Kelli came buy as our Christmas elf for today with an amazing variety of delicious treats for our Christmas stash. Then my Mom watched M while I worked and B napped.  After naps, the boys went to get haircuts while the girls went to browse the book store.  The remainder of the evening was normal routines and thoughts on the 2010 budget.  Kind of nice to have a more normal feeling day.

Don't you worry -- Christmas part two starts tomorrow and I haven't even told any tales of Christmas part 1 really.... We're loving it all. I promise, but still a quiet normal day is nice.

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