Sunday, January 3, 2010

December Daily: Day 20 - Robots & More!

The 20th was our last day of Christmas at the farm.  We discovered that we'd inadvertently overlooked a couple presents from Santa so B got to open more presents!  Upon opening his robot he exclaimed - "This is the best robot ever!" Love the nearly three year old enthusiasm!  My parents had found him one very similar to my Dad's old robot so the old and new robots got to play together.   He also got a huge floor puzzle. I have never seen pieces this big. 

M engaged in a wrestling match with the wrapping paper and began her new rolly polly phase as she rolled every which way and much more frequently than in the past. We also made Maggie's paving stone with her footprints in them.  We made one for B when he was a bit smaller.  Audra's friend Emily stopped by and helped with the fun.  Otherwise, it was mostly a packing up and heading back to the city day and saying our farewells.

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