Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday B!

Somehow, I'm slightly surprised we're at four already dear boy. I can see the change to boy-hood. The picture at right, to me, is a sneak peak of the boy coming next as the little one fades into the background.

You have become so incredibly independent in the last year. You dress yourself, pick out your clothes, do your laundry, put things away, pick out what you want to eat (when given the option), tell stories (real and imaginary), play complicated video games by yourself, make up other ones, have very definite opinions, and are my daily helper. You take such good care of you little sister. More and more you two play together. I love watching you all run, chase and laugh together. I love talking over things with you and most of all that sweet boy smile.

For me, three was wonderful. I love that I can talk to you now and that you can usually tell me what you're thinking or what you are worried about. You say things like "I was disappointed" when something didn't work out or you weren't able to do it. I love that you can express that now even if it isn't the best feeling to have.  It is better than tears and easier to work with for both of us. You need me less, so the time when you have reached for my hand to walk to the car or run with me through the parking lot after swimming are sweeter still.

I am fascinated about what comes next. This year will bring Pre-K of somekind and more change. You will learn so many amazing things, meet new people, and grow even more. I look forward to all the books, hugs, kisses, laughter and talks.

 I think, however, I may miss three a bit. It was a perfect blend of need and independence. I will miss the amazing naps you would take while I worked a room away.  Somehow working is better knowing you are sleeping nearby.  I will miss having as much time together.

 I know that the new will be good too, but now I feel this crazy need to find some way to capture each moment, to celebrate the now, to be enough, to try and show you now how very much I love you, how much I need your hugs, how much I want you to spend time with me before the "school" phase begins. Balance, always balance, I suppose. Biased, I definitely am, but I love the boy you are becoming and hope the next year is full of great joy and wonder for you.  Your Daddy, Maggie and I love you so very much.  Thank you for brining laughter, hugs, and curiosity to our days.

Love and hugs sweet four year old, Mama

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