Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

NOTE: Those looking for my OLW Blog Hop post-- it is now just below (and found here) as the Ten on Tuesday post must go up!

1.  Today was my birthday, but mostly full of ordinary day things.  In good news my mom was here and I think it may have been one of the first birthdays I've gotten to spend with her in some time.  Big thanks to her for watching the kids too! 

2.  I am tired--- up late grading papers as I will be for the next 7 days.  Sigh.

3.  Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook, E-mail, Telephone, and cards.  Very sweet and feeling loved.  I did get some awesome presents from my hubby too -- Zumba for Wii and the iLuv.  My kids were too sweet and each gave me their special blanket and lots of "Happy Birthdays"  they rock.  B even let me hold him in my lap while we read a story on the iPad first thing in the morning.  I loved it.  SO yes, a very good birthday.

4.  Just so I don't forget that I am so very loved.  I bought myself this Lisa Leonard "Loved" necklace as a special treat.  (I happened to buy it during a free earring Friday promotion so I got these pretties for free as well!)

5.  We made cake balls for the first time.  They are far from perfect, but quite delicious.  (If you are unfamiliar with this phenomenon check out the Bakerella).  They were supposed to be cake pops, but we couldn't find our pop sticks.  We went with it though and be was a great helper digging right in to get those hands messy (and washing them probably four times).

6.  My sister is coming to visit and I am so very excited!  Very unsure how we're going to work out all the logistics, but I know it will be fun!

7.  I've been doing a bit more reading this week.  I've really been enjoying these books with only one more to go in the series (Switched,Torn). Bookclub is at my house this week and we are reading Silk so should be a good discussion complete with wine and cheese!

8.  My dear, dear friends Heather & Evan welcomed their baby girl Cleo yesterday.  They are such amazing wonderful people that I know she will be a blessed child.  I loved seeing the first pictures of Mom and Baby together.  Just too entirely sweet.  Hugs and love to them and and I hope to visit sooner rather than later!

9.  B and I went and voted in city council elections today.  The choices were basically old,  rich, annoying guy or old, crazy guy---we went with annoying.

10.  B started a new month of swimming and is back in Ms. Elizabeth's class so sure to be an intense month.  Last month we pretty much phoned it in in a very easy class so we shall see how he feels about kicking it up a notch.

Short and sweet, but I have to sleep and my birthday is nearly over.

(Yes, still exercising daily and yes, I had a hard time not getting my birthday call from my Dad.... just in case you were wondering).

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Nutmegger said...

Happy Birthday Abbey! you're doing an awesome job at Mommying and everything else. Grandma would br proud of you!! Love you, Erica


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