Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monitor Madness

Confession:  We turned off our monitor months ago and haven't looked back.

This is not to say that M never wakes up, but we largely don't know if she does and that's OK.  If she is really sad, our door is open and our house is small so we have heard some cries once in a blue moon.  But this week, M has been a little sick.  One little bit of vomit and her diligent Daddy turned the monitor right back on.  (I, of course, agree that we want to know if she is vomiting asap).

The problem is that the reason we turned it off is that it is wildly annoying.  It makes random staticy sounds at irregular intervals (noises are ongoing and random) or beeps when people in our room move or generally just makes weird electronic noises which make it very hard to sleep. The operating theory is that we have way too many wireless devices in our house and this is driving our monitor (and us)  nuts. I may have actually lightly tossed the thing a few feet from the bed yesterday in my quest to nap and feel better myself.    Thing is, we have no intention of having less wireless devices so we really need a different monitor to listen for sick kids.

We currently have this one by Sony which has multiple channels, etc... and those things that are supposed to make it fine in a highly wireless environment.  I need to repeat that it DOES NOT work here.  There is still a likelihood of a someday third child so we do need something that works beyond the open door, if possible so we and they can all get some sleep when we should and bounce up when we need to.  Thanks for your help and for letting me vent.....Here's to many dreamy nights with healthy kids.

Ps.  M is feeling much better, thank you.


Erin said...

I'll add my two cents on monitors for you. When I was looking for one when we were first expecting, reviews were universally terrible for every model. A few people would love one, the rest would hate it. It seems like the same ones function so differently in each environment. That said, the Safety 1st monitor we had was cheap and worked in our house (even with our wireless setup). The one we had is pretty old now, but there is a newer model that is decently rated and a STEAL at Amazon for under $20. For that price, you might just try it out and return it if it does not work.

Summer said...

We have the Summer Infant video one and have had great success with it. We had 2 or 3 before that (nonvideo) that were like u described, randomly and insanely staticy and annoying. This one seems to have a different kind of radio or something that doesn't have as much interference. And I'm glad for your confession. Mine is worse. We keep ours on, but if she starts crying in the middle of the night I judge by the sight and sound whether it is serious and 9 times out of 10 I just turn it off. MOTY (mother of the year)


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