Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 6 - Snow Day + Gingerbread Cookies

Day 6 was lots of fun -- it was our first snow day in quite some time!  The littles began the morning playing outside in the snow with Daddy.  M and Brent even made a very small snow man.  We do have lots of snow (maybe 6 inches) but it is dry and not good for snowmen.  We persevered.  Brent and the kids played, watched some shows, and spent lots of time making watercolor pencil paintings while I worked.  Then, Brent cleaned off the driveway and went in to work for a 1/2 day.  The big kids watched a movie while E nappped and I finished up my work.  Then, it was time for the big Gingerbread Cookie making adventure. 

I, admitly, do not really like making cut out cookies as it takes forever to get through the whole process and I'm usually over it by the time it is time to decorate.  The kids, however, love it and this seemed like a good day for it.  They helped with every stage and had a fabulous time.  E attempted some decorating, but mostly got VERY messy.  The bigs were more patient and made some fabulous creations.  It was a fun silly day and a great time with our kids.

(Crafting note - before I started working on this last night my SC boxes arrived and there were lots as fun goodies.  That cool "Love This Life" transparency is from the January PL kit.  The cork on the bottom photo is from my SC Secret Santa via Freckled Fawn.  On the right hand page, I used this cool metal tag that I bought on black friday.  It says "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." Perfect, right?)

Here are the pages together.  I'm mostly waiting to photograph them in the mornings even though I finish them at night because sometimes inspiration strikes over night.  I wasn't very pleased with the right page initially, but when I was photographing them this morning I had the sudden realization that the decorating photo should be on top (as shown here) not in the bottom slot where I put it initially.  With that one small change, I suddenly was much happier.  The great thing about pocket pages is that that was a very easy thing to fix!
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Kathy said...

Hi there,popping in from Ali's blog...I know my kids love to do the Christmas cooking...haven't gotten around to that part of December yet. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Michelle lovesallsorts said...

So cute! Love your colour scheme too


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