Thursday, December 5, 2013

DD 4 & 5 Doughnuts + Snow!

With all the weather excitement today I didn't get day 4 posted earlier so here are days four and five together (fun fact, apparently I posted them together last year too!) As mentioned previously, I'm trying to make December full of fun and low on stress (i.e. not over planning things).  Yesterday presented an opportunity to embrace impromptu fun and we seized it!  

On the way home from school, M asked if we could have a doughnut party. Now normally, my answer to this at 2:30 in the afternoon would be no, but, we're having random fun so off we went!  We bought a dozen festive doughnuts and threw ourselves a party.  The little kids had a hard time waiting for their brother to get home, but we made it by cleaning the counter and setting out the doughnuts in a fancy cake dome (which protected them from sneaky hands as well as looking pretty).  After lots of doughnut fun, we did baths x3 (at say 5pm...) Then, I knew they wouldn't eat dinner so we had popcorn and a movie instead (fun! although not a very nutrient dense day )  Brent has caught my cold so he slept through most of this, but the kids and I had a very fun evening.  Props to Lady M for keeping the fun rolling:)

Here is what the page looks like without the earlier page behind it.  I'm having a lot of trouble getting the "GIVE" letters from day three to stick and stay in a straight line. Turns out that stickles aren't a great adhesive on plastic so I've opted for my standby glue dots.  Otherwise, there's just a bit of stamping, sequins and flair to wrap up day 4.

Day 5's surprise was a lovely snow storm.  It was the type with the big beautiful fluffy flakes of snow.  It was E's first real experience playing in the snow and he loved it. He was full of smiles and fist pumps as he toddled around after his siblings.  The littles actually went out twice - once before B came home and once after.  The big kids had little heart hand warmers in their pockets and we managed to find mittens/gloves for everyone, which is a snow day miracle itself.  After everyone was freezing we came in and had hot chocolate and marshmallows (of course).  And enjoyed watching the flakes keep falling. We have a couple inches of snow now and may get a couple more.  School is cancelled tomorrow which will be our first snow day of the year (and maybe last year too!)

Crafting Notes: The ribbon on the photo, the number, and flair are from the SC December Daily Kit.  The little "snowflakes" are from an earlier SC kit and probably not meant to be snow flakes, but it works, right?

Here are the two pages together with the peak-a-boo page showing.  I kind of like how (completely by accident) the embellishments fit well around E's face in the page behind it. Hooray for serendipity!

I hope you all are having a lovely December and are somewhere safe and warm. 

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