Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  As noted in my December Daily we went to the farm on Sunday.  My mom, however, was not there, so I'm making today's Ten on Tuesday a very special photo series of our visit.  Above is some of the crazy of decorating/playing with marbles (particularly with two small ones that like to put everything in their mouths).

 2.  Kids love to decorate.  They do not always decorate in quite the way we grown ups might imagine, but it is usually more fun and equally beautiful.

3.  Jumping in leaves is amazingly fun.  We don't have as many leaves to in my newish neighborhood, but my parents have plenty cultivated over 30+ years of careful attention.  All the kids loved them in their own way and Brent just kept rebuilding the pile.  B, interestingly, loves to be completely buried in leaves.  E is much more of a stomper and M prefers the sprint and jump technique. 

4.  Brent and Zach took all the kids (except baby Ro) down to the creek bank for an adventure.  Little miss had a photo shoot with a very fun tree. 

5.  Isn't this a fun picture of B climbing and the contrast of M's bright coat in the brown woods?

6. Here the kids are playing on the "beach" or at least for what passes for a beach in Oklahoma.  They came back very sandy and had interesting observations to share. 
7.  My sister and her husband are in a high stress situation and not with each other s much as they might like, but they still manage to dance in the leaves to Christmas music. 

8.  This slightly uncertain little guy is almost big enough to ride peanut butter (the horse) by himself and adorable as always.

9.  Wagon rides are awesome and E always wants to keep going.  He actually has a wagon ride every morning to the bus stop, but would probably like more of them.

10.  We also threw rotting pumpkins off of the bridge into the creek. There are no pictures as Audra and I spent the entire time being terrified that someone was going to plummet to their death.  Brent and Zach implemented a "your feet must both be flat on the ground rule" and I played very strict man defense with E who could easily crawl out the sides of the bridge.  I know I played on this bridge as a kid as a kid and survived, but it is terrifying as the mom.  The kids, btw, love it. 

We also baked cookies, played uno, cooked, cleaned, had naps, played many imaginary games, read a book or two, checked on Gary the Elf, did some work for the spice shop, and continually tried to keep our children cleanish, not fighting, and happy.  All that in only 6 hours!

It was a wild wonderful day and I'm excited for many more!

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Yes, it sounds exactly like a time warp to me. So glad you came up. I love the dancing in the leaves picture. I believe we should start that as a tradition here, for everyone. It's time we had something new and wonderful. Maybe also 'dancing in the snow together'. I hope the weather lets us have the New Year's bonfire some night ...it doesn't have to be New Years if you guys want to party somewhere else. I understand. Thanks for the pics.


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