Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ten on Wednesday - E @3 Birthday edition

Ten random memories with E this year.

1.  This time last year, E couldn't walk due to a severe burn on his foot, so he went back to being carried everywhere.  Sometimes I wonder if this caused the resulting need to be carried SO much more at this age than my other kids or if it was just that I could carry him and wasn't pregnant (unlike when the other kids were 2).  He insisted to the point of tears on being carried to his classroom almost the entire year, save the last few days.  Sometimes he still insists his feet aren't working and that he needs to be carried.  Lately, only in the last week or two, he seems to be agreeing to hold my hand and walk more.  It is the sweetest thing and I'm glad for it as he is growing very heavy to carry, but it is also sad as we  pass this milestone the last time.  I am treasuring holding him when it happens, but still trying to train him to walk on his own two feet.

2.  Potty training has been an off again, on again thing the second half of the year and so far is really not happening.  He can and does use the potty if placed there, but has no self motivation to go that way.  One hilarious memory is that unlike other kids who love their new undies and want to wear them E always hated them and threw massive fits to prevent being put in them.  So, I threw an underwear party and all the kids ran and danced around until he was convinced undies were cool.  Promise we will focus on this once we are moved as I'm so ready to be out of diapers. No nostalgia here.

3. Batman apparel - E adores his batman shirts and wears them multiple times a week.  He also now has a batman swimming suit and swim shirt and batman crocs.  He sometimes wears them all together and is batman from head to toe.  Of course he also has batman gloves, PJs, and a costume.  No, he has never seen an episode or movie of Batman, but may have read a book or too.  The costumes and toys are just the coolest.   He was also batman for Halloween this year.

4. Language explosion - I love his adorable long sentences. He is quite verbose now and I take it for granted, but recently a friend talked to him who hadn't seen him in six months and was delightfully amazed.  He also says the cutest things and is quite polite - lots of please and thank yous.  Unfortunately, there has a been a screaming explosion of late too, but we're working on that. I love it when he tells us stories and how much he remembers of random things.  Today when asked what we did his list included "going to a brown store"  He had never been to this store before and it was the best he could do to describe it, but glad he was able to tell the story.  He also sings a lot, happily and well.  Very cool.

5.  Smiles - In looking back at prior birthday weeks I seem to post about this annually, but I adore his smiles in all variations.  Recently, he seems to have learned how to turn them on and off at will and has a super cheezy adorable face ready any time.  Smiles often come with big laughs and big wide open eyes.  Melts me every time. Yes, all the photos in this post were taking within a couple minutes of each other and each so expressive.

6.  Playing by himself - I have been amazed this year and before at E's ability to play all by himself for extended periods of time . He'll just go to his room and play quietly with his guys with or without anyone along. At B's baseball games, he'll play in the dirt or along the bleachers or whatever strikes his fancy, of ten by himself.  He is often found talking with his guys or having them do things in his batcave and seems quite happy.  He is equally glad if you'd like to join him for awhile, but doesn't seem bothered if it is just him. This is probably a good life skill, but very different than with our current kids.  He is just pretty easy going all around.

7.  Being 2 is about doing things yourself.  He has embraced that in many ways and is so very proud of himself when he accomplishes things all on his own whether it is getting undressed or carrying a bag in from the car.  Sometimes he will piteously wail that he can't do something and that it is too hard for him, often about the most random things, and sometimes even things he and we all know he can do.  This is super frustrating, of course.  He can, of course do many, many things all by himself and is learning new things he can do all the time.  Just this week he learned to love swimming class and go from crying and refusing to do anything to doing all the things with a smile and a laugh.

8. Siblings - So much of his existence just now is defined by being the youngest of three.  In the summer, they spend almost all day together and have a wide array of ways to entertain themselves. During the year, he and M spent the most time together and are a great unit. I think he would still chose B to play with most of the time if he could, but he and M make up wonderful adventures and he is game to follow her lead in little performances, songs, dances, and creative play.  Tonight,he sang several of her camp songs with her and seems to be memorizing her line for the play on Friday.  Saturday, M&E set up mobile campsites in the backyard and were out there for a very long time imagining challenges and playing games.  He also adores batting and catching with B & Brent and watching them play video games.  He and I snuggle a lot, and a I adore it.  We also spend a lot of time with books, cooking, or playing with his guys. Overall, the three of them are so neat together and the big kids help him out a ton, which may allow him to get away without learning some things he might otherwise have by now, but he is lucky to have such great helpers.

9. Food - He adores fruit in all forms, is not so interested in bread, but is a big fan of cheese and all things chocolate. He is mostly surviving on berries of various types and cheese a lot of the time, but then sometimes now eats tremendous quantities of food, as in more pancakes than his dad or 2x the amount of dinner he was originally served.  On those days, he will eat anything he can get.  He doesn't always tell me he is hungry when he is, but does get very cranky and I try to feed him a bit at those times.  I suspect he might be entering his next growth spurt just based on his recent huge meals.  He is also one of the first to compliment me on anything I might cook.  Quite the charmer!

10.  E is usually very empathetic and good about checking on people when they are hurt or if they seem sad.  He gives excellent pats and hugs and gets very emotional about being in trouble or worrying if his siblings are OK (when they are in trouble). He does, however, also have a bit of a temper of late.  Most of the time he is the sweetest, most easy going guy around and up for any adventure.  Occasionally, of late, he is less agreeable and starting to hear more "NO."  His was not a 2yo time of fighting him constantly and that was amazing.  However, the last few weeks he has been in trouble much more and much less easy to reason with, sadly.  He is my buddy, my mama's boy, my snuggler, my baby.  I adore him completely in every little way even on the days we frustrate each other.  This has been a wonderful year together and I'm excited to see what comes next.

(All photos in this post are by Heather Warren Photography).

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