Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ten on Wednesday

1.  It is Wednesday and thus we must begin with dance pictures. I really want to take a picture of her every week when we go to dance. (Maybe I will?)  This week, she is in to wearing this shawl/scarf all the time to school and everywhere instead of a coat.  She looked so grown up and elegant tonight.  She is looking through a window on the right where the big girls are dancing as we walk back to the car.  Love it.  M has been our best behaved child this week and actually eaten all her dinner more than one day this week, which is a banner week for Miss M.

Meanwhile,  M also had Girl Scouts this week.  They learned about "wants" v. "needs" and made some financial decisions as a group about how to use the proceeds from their Girl Scout Cookie sales.  Then they learned about counting money and made a little change.  Then, they tasted 7 of the 8 Girl Scout cookies that will be for sale this year.  Yes, you guessed it, Girl Scout Cookies are coming 2/1/2016!  If you would like to buy some from your favorite Richards Girl Scout let me know :)


We had our family Christmas at the farm this weekend.  I (temporarily) lost my camera so all my photos are from my phone.  This one includes Zach and Able chainsawing down limbs of these trees.  We did a lot of limb clean up after the recent ice storms and all the men got chainsaws for Christmas. Hooray!


In other random moments, we broke out the new 48 piece sidewalk chalk set E got for Christmas and made a lot of sidewalk art.  The kids also helped me prune the crepe myrtles in the front yard.  It is nice to have these periodic nice days between the cold weather. 

5. In unrelated news, B is doing his normal horrible transition back to school.  This included tears every day of the first week leading up to a massive complete meltdown on Monday.  Things have been better since then, but still on a bit of tenterhooks, hoping he turns it around soon as his bday is next week.  Of course we have very few plans in place, only one present purchased and are going to have to pull some things together.... 

6. What about E, you say? Well, this week, he has moved on to learning about Walruses, Seals, and Polar Bears as his study of Arctic and Antarctic animals continues.  Meanwhile, he is also enjoying his awesome new explorer vest from the Korenaks and notebook from Kari & Able.  He is probably having THE most fun with his new toys and still playing with them all pretty consistently.  He has been suffering from some bloody noses again so the elephant humidifier has returned to his life.  Pretty good week for E overall.

7.  Brent has been in the paper/in news articles multiple times this week.  This is now, apparently the Oklahoman's stock "biology teacher" photo.  (You can read more about the various higher ed funding topics it goes with here and here.)  Education funding here is a mess.  Brent and I have actually decided to give back our tax deduction to one or more of our educational entities as we need to stop just griping about the deductions and putting our money where our mouth is.  You can read more about that project here. Yes, it will be a three digit number for us and felt a little painful, but not as much as the teacher's salaries or schools having to make massive budget cuts. 


Oooh, look, adorable kids!  Have I mentioned that all the kids got snow pants and snow boots from Grandma? They were key to the weekend at the farm in frigid weather and Oh, so cute.  The kids were all actually really good helpers as well, which I love. 

9.  I think I mentioned sometime in September that I've restarted my weight loss journey.  This week, I weigh the least I have in 4 years and my goal of losing 20lbs by my birthday in March is still a possibility.  This has been a good weight loss week.  Here's hoping for many more weeks as there is still a very, very long way to go. 

10.  The NCAA Gymnastics season is underway.  This week, M and I will go to Norman for the first home meet.  On Feb. 12, GW AND OU will compete in OKC! Big fun if you happen to be an alum of both (as I am) as this never happens.  At the moment, GW has its highest ranking int his sport ever at #7 after week 1! Otherwise, we have a weekend with almost no plans which hasn't happened in forever and won't again for the foreseeable future so we'll be taking down the Christmas tree and making birthday plans.  Hooray for a simpler week. 


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