Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th Lake Fun 2016

 We spent a lovely two days at the lake last weekend with my siblings, their families, my mom and the occasional uncle or cousin.  There was a lot of this - hanging out on the dock, swimming, kayaking, chatting, fishing, and eating.
 B kayaked by himself for the first time.  He loved it!  Thanks to Able & Kari for bringing the kayaks. We all loved them and they are perfect for the lake set up!  Hooray!
 Uncle Zach led most of the fishing endeavors.  He is a great teacher and came prepared with lots of crickets.
 This was M's biggest fishing catch of the day.  it is a great place to fish as you pretty much catch something quickly with every catch.  We release them back too after looking them over carefully.
 Grandma brought a bunch of new floates, which the little boys particularly enjoyed.
 There were a few minor injuries like splinters and stickers, but we fixed them all right up.

 Audra led the making of these awesome family shirts while I was away in San Francisco.  Each has its own hashtag and they made for very cute pictures!
 It took a couple tries, but here are my awesome kids.
 There was a now traditional fish fry, led mostly by Able & Kari with help from Zach.  It was SO So delicious. I had the left overs for the next several meals.
 Swimming at dusk is awesome. The kids stayed up late for the fireworks before bedding down in the new bunk beds that had been made that day by the Uncles.
 We had amazing fireworks and lots of great glow necklaces too.  Two uncles and two of my cousins joined us for the fun.
 Of course there were sparklers and smaller fountains but lots of big fountains too.
The Korenaks and my crew stayed at the lake.  Audra got very little sleep but most of the rest of us got some combination of sleep.  The next day, Audra and I swam laps of the lake in the morning and we all did more of the above (fish, kayak, eat, swim, dive, cannon ball, etc...) until it was time to pack up around 4pm.  A great time was had by all!

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