Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"This Week" Project

This week I'm joining Ali Edward's "A Week in the Life" Project. Those of you familiar with Creating Keepsakes magazine will likely recognize her name and work. Others may recognize her from my "butterfly" project in my living room as she inspired that through her weekend creative series. You can read more this particular project here and here. The concept of this creative exercise is to capture your life for one entire week. We are combining words + photos and possibly other tidbits from the week.

Technically, it started yesterday and I got off to a slow start photo-wise, but I think it is going to be interesting. My plan is to select 9 photos from each day. The left hand page of each day's layout will be those photos in the same sort of grid for each day. The right hand page will be journaling using the same journaling blocks and elements for each day. (Key here is keeping it simple and repetition so this project doesn't get out of control). There may be some additional pages or inserts with additional items from the week or other bits I want to add in. I may include a news story or two a day as well as it seems this will be a tumultous news week. You can follow along with my pictures for the week here. I will take pictures of the final project and upload it to the same Picasa album if you want to see the end result (or you can always come visit me:). I may even include some of my journaling in this space (see below). Feel free to join the project if you're interested as it is never too late as your week can start anytime. She is encouraging us to not feel bound by "rules" here or quit just because one day we don't have as many words or photos. So, I'm relaxing and appreciating our life and documenting it through this basic project. Enjoy!

Today's Journaling:

Breakfast - Warm Almond Milk, Raisin Bread with Nutella (Abbey) Cereal, Milk & Banana (the boys)

Lunch - 1/2 Turkey & Havarti sandwich and 1/2 an apple (shared with B), curry chips & Diet Pepsi

Snack - Chocolate & Water (Abbey) Bagel, goldfish crackers, dried cranberries, milk & water (B)

Diner- Red Beans and Rice, Corn on the Cob, Water (Dr. Pepper for Brent), & Ice Cream (Triple Chocolate for the parents and Natural Vanilla Bean for B)

Our Day:
7am - wake up, breakfast, Brent heads to work, B and I have water play in the sink & shower
8am - still playing in the water, but transitioning to e-mail, Sid the Science Kid and a teleconference for me
9am - teleconference, seasame street, out the door to "Lapsit" at the Edmond Library
10am- Lapsit, playing and reading at the library
11am - Home for lunch, diaper change and nap, I start working
12pm - work, nap and picture uploading
1pm - work, nap, blog updating
2pm- work
3 pm - B wakes up, play time with the cars, head to the DMV....waiting ensues
4 pm - DMV, B entertains the people waiting, lots of climbing on chairs, funny noises, running around, and, you guessed it, waiting.
5pm - arrive home, b plays in the car while I start super, water the tree + one small boy, Brent arrives home, dry clothes, hugs and playing
6pm - dinner, family walk around the block, with B on foot this takes about 4ominutes. The weather and sunset are beautiful.
7pm - bath time, call from Grammy, 2 books - The Foot Book, Dr. Seuss, and Go Dog Go - P.D. Eastman, fun with balls, cars, and daddy
8pm - night night kisses, Brent & I go back to work, blog, upload photos...

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kiddo_mama said...

Sounds fun! I can't wait to see the final result.


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