Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rough Day

I'm having a rough day. It is principally job related, but luckily I'm done with work til Monday so I'm going to try REALLY hard to let it go as there is literally nothing to be done about it. I also have caught B's cold and despite a lot of sleep am not so fun just now.

I also had a mommy nightmare in reality today. B was napping (or supposed to be) I hear a big thump and then wailing. I go in to check and he is sobbing, but with his face down so I don't see an immediate problem. I notice a red mark on his had and wonder. Then I pick him up to hug and see blood all over his blanket, his face and on his hand. Then follows the moment of terror where we're asked to calmly assess the situation while panicking on the inside. After some review, what I think happened was he bumped his head on the wall and bit into his lip. I triaged the boy and blanket and found some Tylenol (Have I mentioned B LOVES Tylenol and his blanket). When the blood was gone it was just a little cut. We played a bit, iced it, but he was clearly too tired so after a couple tries, some new sheets, his blanket dried and some snuggles, I got him back down to sleep. I think he'll be just fine, but there is that moment that throws both you and him when you're both terrified, but he's counting on you to be calm and brave. Today, I think I did ok, but not something I want to do again soon. Hope your day is happy and I promise more positive postings to come.

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Erin said...

Oh, my! Poor B...and you as well. You did a great job of mommy triage. I agree, it is very hard to be brave in those moments, but you did well. Just cry afterward when you're alone and all the adrenaline is gone and all those thoughts about what you thought had happened come rushing back!

I'm sorry you had a cold and a rough time with work. I hope that things settle a bit by the end of the holiday.


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