Sunday, December 21, 2008

Congratulations Audra!

Last weekend, B, my parents and I journeyed together to St. Louis to celebrate Audra's graduation from Nursing School (YEAH!!). Brent had to do finals prep so he stayed home. Flying with B as a lap child one last time was an adventure, but worked OK as my parents were along to help out. The key: lots and lots of things to do--- discovered that putting stickers on grandpa is highly entertaining for some reason.

Audra, Mom and I spent the first afternoon cooking with my Aunt Janet while Dad and B slept (and Uncle Zach supervised the napping). Able arrived a bit later and we all had a wonderful dinner at the Boathouse. Audra managed to find the perfect restaurant as it combined some neat ambiance, ability to take reservations, good food, relatively quiet, and great prices. Oh, and they had some amazing hot chocolate! I think Dad and Able were the most interested in the new taste experience of flash flied collard greens. B ordered his own dinner so it was a night of new experiences.

B and I stayed with the Korenaks and were up bright and early for graduation the next day. I'd love to say he was awesome through the whole graduation, but that just did not happen. His shoe came off during the processional and he lost it. I had to take him out and we returned just as they graduates were starting to be announced, having missed the speakers, which I hear was no great loss. We did get to explore a historic Saint Louis hotel and enjoy its Christmas decorations. We managed to see Audra cross the stage and my mom took B up to visit her where she was sitting. Then we were out again as we screamed Aunt Audra while being removed. (I think she rather liked that part). We made another token entry to find Uncle Able, and say hi to everyone, but were out for most of it.

Afterwards, we headed back to Audra's apartment complex and set up the luncheon in the clubhouse which was a surprisingly nice space. Aunt Janet brought all the sandwiches and we enjoyed the salads and sides we'd made the day before. B was on a downhill slide as it was way past naptime. After eating and more playing with Uncle Able and Anna he and grandpa went back for napping part II while the rest of us ate, chatted and took pictures. We had a low key evening that included some shopping, Dewy's pizza, watching Sam Bradford win the Heisman (YIPEEE) and watching my Mom play Wii bowling. I, sadly, was grading papers, but generally fun for everyone.

Sunday B was out of sorts and I was exhausted. He had been in timeout 6 times at least by the time my parents and Able arrived from their hotel. Able rescued me and completely saved the day by taking B outside to play on the playground even though it was cold. Able ran and played with him until all the crankiness was out. By the time they came back, B was so tired he could barely wiggle and much happier. I took the opportunity to nap a bit and we were all better for it. The flight home went OK despite all the early in the day drama. B helped pull my luggage to the parking garage which was beyond adorable. Hysterically, after all this we couldn't remember which level my car was on and went on quite a scavenger hunt before we found it and made our way home. It was a great adventure and I'm so glad we could be there to support Audra for her awesome achievement. We love you and are so proud of you Audra! You rock!


Jamie said...

What an exciting time! Congrats to Audra!

DebB said...

Great job on the story Abb. I didn't do so well myself. You captured all of it beautifully. Thanks.


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