Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love Thursday: Hope Springs

We're still roughing it out here between the slowly melting ice and our more slowly healing colds. I think B may actually be feeling worse than a week ago and is definitely in a worse mood. I'm going to say he cried probably the entire 20 minutes before Brent left for work this morning. He did get better after a goldfish cracker and some time to himself, but a rough start to the day. I actually had to not study last night and go to sleep at 8 with what might be most accurately described as a migraine which of course I'm limited to Tylenol to treat. (I've had these headaches off an on for years so probably not a new issue. They are generally stress related... did you guess?) My parents were (are?) "on the lamp" (this is our code for no electricity.... long story). Anyway, easy to be crabby in all of this.

So for today, I'm going to focus on the promise to come. I saw a little bit of a daffodil tip poking through the ice/snow when getting the mail today (without incident I might add). This suggests that perhaps spring might be coming and that possibly some of the bulbs we planted might actually grow in my very poor soil. (Picture here is one of my very early bulb gardens from the porch of our very first apartment).

Secondly, less than one month to the bar! (Whether to be happy, scarred, or freaked out I'm not sure, but in good new not that much longer). Third, our new baby is due just six months from today!!! (Happy 1/2 birthday Heather). I also heard that my cousin Erica and her little one Clara might visit in March which would be wonderful too as I would LOVE to get to meet Clara who lives far away in CT. Erica was one of my very supportive mommy friends when B was first born, particularly with breastfeeding struggles so I welcome a chance to catch up with here too.

Sometime between now and their proposed visit Emily will give birth to her new baby boy, John will celebrate his first birthday, I will turn 30, Brent, and both his parents will have their birthdays, I will visit and catch up with old friends in DC, and spring will think seriously about arriving we might even have some blooms by mid-March if we're lucky. (Have I mentioned I love spring and bulbs in particular?) So much positive to come will use it to find smiles on this solitary study day.

(Ps - Apparently this is my 101st post! Who knew?)

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