Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Brent!

Happy Birthday dear Husband! Can you believe this is the 11th we've celebrated together?

This year I finally, for the first time in all those years, bought him a gaming console for his birthday. As I suspect most of you know, Brent loves video games. So, this year, at last I bought him a Wii for his birthday. I think he was a little surprised, but maybe not as much as I would have anticipated. He is now learning all the cool tricks while I am about to start my daily studying. Audra & Zach sent him a game as well so we have enough to keep us busy.

We have had lots of birthday fun already. On Friday night, for Gavin's birthday, a big crew of us went to Jamil's, a local steak place. The food and camaraderie were awesome, but two hours is definitely a long time to be out for dinner with two two-year olds (Nate and B). They did their best, but both struggled at times. B in particular in the waning moments. The steak and the cake were both delicious and thanks to the Palfreymans for a fun evening.

Saturday, we "attempted" to take B's two year pictures. That was a complete failure and another post altogether. In the evening we had king crab, pasta, and all the fixings with Brent's parents. B made big progress on singing happy birthday to Brent after some practice on Friday. However, he still did not like it when everyone started singing. He has been running around a lot today saying HappyBirthday (all run together). Is completely adorable! We finished off the evening with some yummy cake. (I have pics and will upload them later).

Today, we had coffee and breakfast at Barnes and Noble along with some Thomas time. These B&N outings have long been a family favorite. It is harder to pull B away now though as his attention span for playing with the Thomas in the children's book section is definitely getting longer. He did get a new book though, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! which helped.

Now, we're just chilling and enjoying naptime/study time and I think the Whites will be over to play with the new toys later and maybe have Sauerbrauten for supper with us (and more cake). Hope your weekend was fun as well and Happy Birthday Brent!

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Jamie said...

Happy birthday Brent! I am the bad sister (as if there is a good one) that did not call you on your birthday! It was 10:00 before I knew it. Hope you got our package by now?!?!


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