Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A time of Twos/Toos

I was thinking last week about my current situation (was sick and a bit self-pitying I admit). Thought a summary would be good to have to look back on later when things are less intense. For now, all about the number 2 (or perhaps too).

In the second trimester with my second child
Had our second ultrasound (smiled).

Have a two year old with two ear infections
Gets two kinds of medicine, but irrationally loves the antibiotics (Brent says they are tasty)

Have two jobs in two different cities (that I live nowhere near).
Work in two time zones (eastern and central)--- still manages to confuse me and others

Am studying for my second bar exam
Two topics per day - one state, one federal

In my second illness of the pregnancy
First the flu now a chest cold

Getting ready to celebrate our second birthday in two weeks'
Brent turns 31 on Sunday the 1st (B's birthday last week)

Am on my second broken cell phone in less than five months
First falling the pool, the second, manufacturer defect (replacement has arrived!)

Today marks the second day I haven't left the house. (Ice bound)
Weird that while I always work from home am feeling strangely stuck inside.

Heard from two old DC friends yesterday
Heather and Melissa - left me missing it a little.

Two weeks from now I'll be in DC
and two weeks after that the bar exam and John's 1st Birthday
Two days off, then a trip to Dallas for John's party and my 30th Birthday!

In short, I think I'm busy. Am hoping when I look back at this later will help me appreciate what I've accomplished and how calm my life often is... or is it?

Ice is starting to melt so we may be liberated soon. Hope all your storms were less crazy.

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