Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maggie Moment

Quick Magpie memory - she has recently woken up several times screaming, but stops immediately when picked up. This is a little odd as she normally has, like most babies, a more gradual escalation to crying when waking up. Today, I again, looked closely to see if I could ascertain the reason for her angst. Turns out - she had an entire fistful of her own hair and was pulling hard on it! Clearly, didn't get the connection there herself. Our little lady has so many things to learn!

I keep thinking I'm going to do an update post on what our routine with M is these days, but so far, the most I can say is she remains predictably a bit unpredictable. Here's hoping we settle into a clearer schedule soon!


Tracie said...

Poor girl!!! One of the downfalls of long luscious hair!! :)

Jamie said...

I am glad to hear she has that much hair!

I see the newborn lounger, I hope she loves it!


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