Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Craft time with B

When B was in Day Care this year they had regular craft time daily. We do color or do stickers here most days, but really hadn't expanded much beyond that. B was not a very active participant in craft time as he really doesn't like his hands to get messy, but I thought maybe we should give some basic craft things a try. Therefore, a couple weeks ago we started by making some Mother's Day presents from his Grandmothers. These were simple and included the key fun thing - GLUE!

I bought a few things from Toys R Us while we were there this week. They don't have much in the way of crafting supplies, but a craft store with B that day wasn't happening. Our cool new discover was Crayola "Hassle Free Water Colors" (scroll down to see this product using the link). These have proven quite popular for this project and beyond. B and I both approve as they are fun, easy, and low mess despite his best efforts. My type A personality gets a little stressed when he dips the "brush" in a bunch of colors one after the other and ends up with muddy brown, but I'm trying to relax and also encourage him to wipe it off periodically to get the truer shades. Definitely a product I'd recommend for those of you this age and older.

Below is a picture of the results and a supply list. Happy Mother's Day ladies. We hoped you enjoyed these works from our budding artist.

Puff balls
Stars (or whatever you want to adhere)
Crayola "Water colors"

1 comment:

Grammie said...

My office area is certainly more grandmotherly now. I have wall art by a crafty 2 year old and a Grammie mouse pad. I love it. Thanks, guys!


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