Monday, May 18, 2009

Tubes Tale

Sort of a mixed story on the tubes situation so far. The procedure itself seemed to go very well. It was, as promised, quick and he wasn 't even crying when he came out. He was pretty much his normal self on the ride home and we were optimistic. I let him watch the entirety of cars (which I never do) and he seemed fine. We then brainstormed what to do until his other Doctor's appointment at 1pm and oddly from a list of much more fun things he chose getting a haircut. (Ok, they do have suckers and prizes there too which may help). We got the haircut and he still seemed fine if a bit subdued. He even got two suckers and bubbles as a prize from the haircut folks. Then off to the bank and Sonic before heading to the other Doctor. Somewhere around her I imagined a blog title of "Tubes - No Big Deal" luckily I held of writing as that would have been premature.

Up to this point he had seemed relatively normal if a bit calm, but from here on he began to laps over into lethargic. He walked very slowly, seemed almost asleep in the car and just blah. He wasn't crying or anything just a little pathetic. I gave him his next dose of Tylenol and we went in to the Doctor's Office. I don't know if I've described our normal Doctor's visits, but usually there is a signficant wait. During this time, he is all over, looking at the fish, reading the magazines, climbing on things, going in and out of the various waiting areas, etc....Today, he briefly agreed to sit on my lap and then mostly laid his head on the chair next to me or stood sort of aimlessly around. Same story in the exam room. It was his favorite room --- the one with the basketball hoop, but mostly just wandered around and only played a little when he is usually bouncing off the walls. (I know it is odd we have a favorite exam room, but probably tells something about our winter/spring).

He had a slight fever and his rash (why we were there) was diagnosed as some sort of yeast so we went off to get a prescription. Meanwhile, he spilled juice all over himself, which he was very not pleased about. The prescription, of course, was delayed so I thought it would be nice to go to the cookie store next door. He is so out of it by then and an hour past his nap at least just stared aimlessly at the cookies not even interested in the Elmo cookie I got him, which is hard to fathom. Normally, being late to his nap makes him cranky, but not so just ambivalent/slow.

Anyway, we made it home and he sluggishly had his rash treated and clambered into bed. I feel so sorry for the little guy. He is obviously uncomfortable and very tired. I hope he feels better when he wakes up, but I suspect that won't be for a long time yet. I keep telling myself that we got the tubes "for him" so he can feel better and push aside bad thoughts that we're doing this "to" him. In any case, I'll let you know how it turns out.

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