Thursday, May 7, 2009

Updates from the Pool

We had our second swim class today, and yes I promise not to blog about all of them. This one was significantly more like a class. There was a different teacher and she had us doing actual tasks that I could see as potential building blocks down the road. We did some work on reaching, blowing bubbles, kicking, getting in and out of the pool, laying on our backs in the water, and group fun like playing catch with a ball.

B, of course, being the contrary guy he is, suddenly wanted to do the things he was supposed to do last time, and still not so much into the group ethos (as is normal for him). He also is the only verbal one and asks all the time to be "put down" which I can hardly do as he would immediately sink I think.

In the reaching exercise the kids have a small floating bean bag like toy that they throw and then we encourage them to reach out to grab. This is relatively mild with the one year old set. With B, a bit more aggressive, again people got hit, uggh, he's that kid (or am I that mom?).

Also, he threw the toy into the lap lane so we had to go get it. The only clear path was going under the floating divider. I couldn't just leave him behind so I told him what we were doing, counted to three and under we went. He was totally fine if a bit surprised when we came up. The teacher seemed a bit concerned by this and had told us not to put them under until the end if then to avoid melting down. I attempting to put him over going back, but this is not so easy with a nearly 40lb boy and a pregnant mama. Of course, when I wasn't looking he threw it over again so we got to repeat this sequence. He was still fine being under and the teacher and other parents (yes there were dads there) still seemed worried.

Oh well, I can try to keep him from throwing things in (although in the lap lane might be better than hitting small girls with projectiles), but can't keep lifting him up over as he's huge. I feel very comfortable in the water and he seems to draw on that and be comfortable as well so I think we're fine even if apparently odd that he's not screaming. Overall, we had a good time and I think he enjoyed it. I even ran into someone I new a bit at OU who was new to the class with her teeny girl. We will miss next week while I'm in DC and am still pondering whether to do it again in June. We shall see. Family swim time would probably work too, but having a concrete class gets us there more regularly.

Ps for those pondering the locker room situation--- they say no kids in the grown up dressing rooms as old ladies strip down and don't like little peepers. I admit, I had suspected the reasoning went the other way, but who knows. The family locker room scenario worked fine today.

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