Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tales from the Farm - Chickens!

One of B's other favorite farm activities is checking on the chickens. Currently, this involves a brave trek through the field of oats to reach them. The oats are currently taller than B, but Grandma has made a path and I think he has conquered his worries about it. Once down there, he watches as they eat, drink and fly around while making funny noises at him. Sometimes he just watches and other times chases them around or shoos them a little if Grandma needs help herding. I don't usually go, as I dislike chickens. The one trip I did make recently included a chicken pecking my foot!

B enjoys it though and helps Grandma find the eggs and bring them to the house. On our long visit it took several days before any of his eggs successfully made it all the way to the refrigerator, but I think he has the hang of it now. My mom loves this whole thing. Those of you following along with her blog know that there have been many chicken adventures this year. She enjoys having them, but admits part of their return to the farm is so B can experience them too. I think he really enjoys it and I'm glad he's getting to have some great farm experiences. (He had his first peek at harvest this week- pictures coming soon!) Meanwhile, here are some shots of B and the "baby chickens." (Note, the last one is from March just for perspective to see how they've grown).

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DebB said...

It is, in fact, ever so much more fun at the chicken coop when B is along to share the experience. He is very brave now and tells me when they need more food or water. He is the best egg finder ever!


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