Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mary's Shower!

I had a fabulous time co-hosting Mary's wedding shower with her sister Shelly and lots of help from my friends and family. One of the cool things about events like this here are that we can borrow fun serving things from our family, in this case some beautiful china from my mom and grandpa, table runner from Marilyn and neat serving things from Chrissie's mom too for our tea party themed shower. It was so fun to get to hang out with my girl friends both as we prepared and during the shower itself. Here is a brief description of our beautiful day and a few pictures for you to enjoy. We love you Mary!

Tea Tray - many varieties of tea and accompaniments
Tea Sandwiches - four varieties
"Magic" meringue mushrooms
Almond tea pastries
Apple Tart
Assorted Chocolates
Green salad
Fruit Salad
Ginger Scones
Cranberry Scones

Favors: White and Pink Begonias in be-ribboned Terra Cotta pots - These were on a neat tiered serving tray from Chrissie's mom so they doubled as decorations too:)

Games: "How well do you know the bride?" -- pretty funny as Mary didn't know all the answers herself. "Recipes for Successful Marriage"-- advice from the guests on successful marriages and Mary was asked to guess whose advice it was. Interestingly, the advice between our generation and the next older generation was a noticeably different and pretty interesting.

Decor- Beautiful flower arrangements by Chrissie in various tea related items (tea pots, creamers, etc) -- I loved these, so simple and elegant. I am continually amazed at how quickly and easily she can transform flowers and everyday objects into something so beautiful.

The big surprise of the day was Mary finding out during the shower that Andy (her fiance) got the job in El Paso so they will be moving this summer too!

The guests brought such lovely generous gifts and were so fun to meet. One even sent me a lovely thank you note which was a first for me and quite touching.

Thanks to Chrissie, Jessie, Jennie, Mom, Grandpa, Marilyn, Brent, and Shelly for all your help. You all made this an awesome event and I so appreciate your help!

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