Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer at its Best - Running through Sprinklers

On Thursday, Nate, Allie and Jessie came over for a play date. We had a great time other than some contention over the potty. There were lots of trucks, trains and chaos, but very much little boy fun mixed with a sweet smiling little girl just learning to walk. After dining al fresco the boys were running all over the yard when it occurred to me that the moment had come for --- running through the sprinkler! We stripped them down, applied a little more sunscreen and let them run. Last summer they didn't really get the concept of running throught the sprinkler so much, but now they have got it. There is lots of silly rolling in the grass, pushing, chasing and just being boys too. To me, naked or nearly naked kids running through sprinklers is just as much summer as you can get. Oddly, not a memory Jessie shared as growing up in Alaska didn't really encourage this, but I think this is something she can buy into in oh so hot Oklahoma. At its most basic it is a quick easy way to beat the heat for the little guys. For us, it is a great way to revel in childhood and savor their joy at simple treats.

Ps. As this is the internet you're going to have to miss out on the super cute naked ones.

P.P.S - My family shower is today, Yippee!!

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