Friday, June 26, 2009

Wonders of Summer

(Going to focus on the positive and gloss over the 100+ degree heat that has persisted for more than a week).

1) Swimming pools/Lakes - today B and I headed over to Great-Granddaddy's and had a fabulous time in his pool. Believe it or not, B is actually just tall enough to tip toe around in the pool. (Lake time is coming soon and was a key feature of both Brent & I's childhoods so we're stoked).

2) Ice Cream - little sweeter than watching sweet B eat his soggy ice cream cone next to Great-Granddaddy on the steps of the pool. Not at all sure which was enjoying it more.

3) Snow cones - I LOVE snow cones. The best, in my estimation, are in Norman... you know the one on Lindsey in the parking lot of Homeland with the sour straws? I had been worried there weren't any showing up in our area, but lately have found three different spots. Not quite up to Norman standards, but still very satisfying.

4) Sprinklers - yes, I mentioned this before, but still loving it. One evening this week, I even joined B running through in my bathing suit (thank goodness for tall fences as I'm sure this was not a pretty site).

5) Long evenings - yesterday Tracie and I sat and watched B play in the yard and I marveled how nice the longer daylight hours are particularly when B still goes to sleep early and we have some quiet time to enjoy them if we choose.

6) Wheat Harvest -- Really there is so much to say that I haven't done the post as I don't know where to start. I will, I promise, at least post some pictures so you get the feel of it, but it is such a unique, unusual experience that I keep putting it off....

7) Fresh Veggies - My parents gardens are over flowing so we've been loving the fresh foods that are the focus of meals at their house and some days ours too. So delicious!

8) Air conditioning----- We'd be lost without it!

9) Flexible Schedules -- My parents both teach in the public schools so they have delightfully flexible schedules now (farming aside). Brent's is finally freeing up a little this week as IRSP ends. He doesn't get the summer off like they do, but will have some leeway now. Somehow even those of us with year-round jobs seem to be finding some flexibility, vacation and respite in the summer-- Uncle Zach is even coming to visit next week and his job is super busy just now.

10) Dotter 4th of July - This is THE one time a year the Dotter clan really all gathers in Oklahoma. This year it is a three day (or so) affair starting the ends of next week including family in multiple generations from all over the country and I am so excited! (Also delighted to not have to travel so far this time myself).

11) Summer Festivals of all sorts - this weekend we're thinking of the Kite Festival in Edmond and possibly Taste of Edmond too, but there are some virtually every weekend all over our great state and probably yours too. My recommendation --- go very early or rather late for the best effect.

12) Baby girl time coming soon!

Hope you're enjoying summer. Consider taking some time to jot down the fabulous bits (there are many more I've glossed over today). I think it helps make the less awesome bits (read extreme heat) so much more tolerable. Hope you all had a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you soon!

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