Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cute Sayings

B is hitting the 2.5 year milestone on Monday so I'm going to be posting some favorites/things to remember from this phase starting today with current popular sayings.

"I can't like it" - This generally means he doesn't like it, but is pretty funny. Often he may actually like the thing in question, but doesn't want it just then.

"I have a booger Daddy" - Self-explanatory, but funny to hear

"I'm sorry" - He seems to be saying this a lot, but not always when whatever the problem is bad, like if he gets Nutella on his face or is otherwise messy. It is completely endearing though.

"I'm a messy boy" - generally also common after Nutella moments or otherwise getting messy. Always said with a smile.

"I have an ouchie" and/or "I need a bandaid" - for some reason bandaid sounds like mayonnaise to me which he also rather likes. Was convinced that he needed a bandaid on a very small ouchy for a long time and we're trying to cut that little addiction off at the pass.

"Mommy" - this is odd only because we never refer to me this way. I prefer Mama or Mom, but somewhere (I think MDO) he has picked up this Mommy bit...

"Need medicine?" - Anytime anyone mentions feeling sick/uncomfortable/hurt he offers to get medicine for them. On the few occasions where he has caused the injury he generally won't take no for an answer and runs to get his tylenol for you and insists on trying to administer it.

"Daddy is my job" / "Have to go to work" - B occasionally tells us he has to go to work, complete with kissing us good-bye and driving his truck to the door. Other times he has to go to his job and when asked what that is he inevitably replies that Daddy is his his job.

ABC Song - he sings the ABC Song a lot these days and sometimes can't stop when he gets started. He is starting to branch out to Itsy Bitsy spider, Apples and Bananas, Twinkle and a few others. He also makes requests such as asking for the "Good Morning Song" and "Sunshine" (Good morning to you and You Are my Sunshine respectively).

"Want to run around" This does mean he wants to run around, but more specifically generally means he wants to run around with no pants on or naked. Think some portion of every visit that Tracie has made to our house lately has involved B with no pants on.

"Need to exercise?" - Amazingly a million gym visits later he gets pretty excited about people exercising and seems to understand that this is important.

"Make Cookies?" or "Make Popcorn?" - Common responses when asked what he'd like to do after naptime. He doesn't always get his way, but has this adorable way of slanting his eyes to the side when asking as if trying to be extra cute.

"Have lunch with Daddy." - Big fan of having lunch with Brent which we've been doing more often of late. B loves the cafeteria at OSSM or roaming the lounge in the main building.

"See Grandma (or whomever) on Tuesday?" B thinks alot of things happen or will happen on Tuesday for some reason.

Hmm... I'm sure there are many more, and I'll add them as I think of them, but for those that have heard him lately feel free to add more in the comments.

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Gina said...

Just had to comment on your little guys "cute sayings"...Wyatt went through a phase of saying "I can't like it" too. It cracked me up everytime he said it. Maybe it's something with being a January baby???


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