Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zoo Day!

Believe it or not, we'd never taken B to the OKC Zoo. It is on that ongoing list of "we should really do that one of these weekends." Of course, our weekends have trended toward very full for several months, among other lazy excuses. Sunday, Gavin called and invited us to join a crew for a brief zoo visit. Despite it being rather hot and somewhat close to naptime we decided to seize the moment. So we loaded up and met the Palfreymans and Wainrights at the Zoo. We signed up for a membership (as our old one in DC has lapsed) and headed off to explore.

The one thing about spontaneous visits it a little lack of planning as we neglected to bring say, the stroller... right and our kid weighs almost 40lbs and it was very near naptime + hot. However, with lots of grown-ups to help, water and fun things to see we still had a wonderful time.

The zoo has some neat indoor exhibits such as the aqaurium, nocturnal animals barn and the pavilion near the bears. These were both some of the more interesting exhibits to our little guy and a good rest for the me. B seemed to particularly enjoy the fish which was really fun to watch. I was particularly impressed to see all the improvements in the bear habitat. It used to be pretty bad and now is much larger and more hospitable, plus there are many more bears! Even though this was near the end or our trip and the little one's patience it was a big highlight.

Most of all, I loved getting to share the fun with our friends. In DC, we mostly went by ourselves so this was a treat. Zoo membership in hand we hope to go back frequently and catch some of the areas we missed this visit. Anyone want to join us? We have lots of free tram passes for any takers.

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Tracie said...

I'm a taker!! I haven't been to the zoo in ages. :)


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