Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy One Week Birthday Maggie

Yesterday, we celebrated Maggie's one-week birthday. As has become our tradition, now that we've done it twice, we had birthday cupcakes. B helped make them of course and we decided on half pink and half blue. (Really, just vanilla cupcakes died the appropriate shade). We had a great time making them and enjoyed them on Maggie's behalf. One week milestones/memories for Maggie:

-- Now she will sleep up to three hours at a time (sometimes even four!) by herself in her crib or cradle. The trick seems to be holding her for about 30 minutes after she falls asleep and then she is good. Brent is MUCH better at achieving this magic than I am, but I'm improving.

-- From birth, she has been able to suck her thumb. It is pretty inconsistent, but when she gets it in she will often hold in the thumb with her other hand. Appears we're a little family of thumb suckers:)

-- She is an extremely good burper. So much easier than B. It may not be lady-like, but it is very helpful!

--We're adjusting to a summer baby still. Several times we've put her in the car complete with heavy blanketing to discover she is very frustrated to be sweltering in her seat. Must remember--- it is HOT here this time and this baby doesn't like being hot.

-- For most of this week she work little white t-shirts and her diaper so as not to irritate her umbilical stump. We discovered she only had three other little dresses that were two pieces and not white so those got some pretty good rotation. Wednesday evening she got to start wearing footie pjs which I think also helped the sleeping.

--She is much easier to put to sleep than B and is generally sleeping longer. We're not doing the crazy wake her up every X many hours as we did last time to deal with jaundice which is probably helping.

--She has had her first washcloth bath and regular bath (more in a separate post).

-- She has had visits from - all four grandparents, Aunt Jamie, Great-Granddaddy and Ellen, Fraunt Tracie, the Hoppers, the Palfreymans, and the Whites.

--In addition to gifts from our visitors we've had lovely gifts from the Simons, Drexel, OSSM, and Aunt Audra & Uncle Zach. Thank you all!

--She has been held daily by her big brother.

--She has had her life story chronicled here and has a wonderful internet support network.

--She has been to the Doctor, coffee shop, Barnes & Noble, Sport Clips, Grammy & Granddaddy's house and on a snow cone voyage.

--The coming week will have lots of more visitors and one and possibly two Uncles to meet with Aunt Audra arriving just after the two week mark.

She is our little darling and we feel so blessed that she is making it easy to be her parents. We're getting enough of sleep, lots of snuggles and wonder at our luck to have such a lovely little lady join our family. A week in, I think we're getting used to being a family of four and have so enjoyed getting to all be together for this time. We are going to miss Brent so much next week, but luckily my siblings will arrive to help out. Thank you all for the good wishes and warm welcome for little Miss Maggie and all the love and support for her parents and big brother too!

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DebB said...

Good stuff! Happy One Weeker, little Maggie J.. I know your Aunt and Uncle are eager to be with you soon. Grandma loves you all.


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