Monday, September 28, 2009

Exahusted + Goodies

Today, I realized that I'm just incredibly tired. I suppose there is only so long one can go on limited sleep. Ironically, this realization comes just as Maggie is sleeping a bit better. We're still in the phase though where we keep expecting her to wake up so we don't really sleep well. Oddly I'm having trouble falling asleep to start the night as well. I just seem to have too many thoughts whirring around in my head.

This is particularly bad as that is Brent's "shift" so I really need that early sleep. The lack of sleep is starting to impact my day, or at least I'm blaming today's craziness on that. I actually forgot B's backpack for MDO today so we had to turn around to pick it up resulting in him arriving slightly late. (I HATE being late). Other things just took way longer than necessary today too. By the time we had dinner a wave of tiredness swept over me. I took the hint and napped for an hour while big and little B played. Maggie was randomly sleeping too which doesn't bode that well for tonight. Here's hoping I figure out how to sleep and Maggie does too.

In the meantime, I found a couple fun things online today that made me smile and I thought you might enjoy:

You know I love Etsy, right? Today, I discovered via Pioneer Woman that apparently there is a new food-equivalent called Foodzie that looks just oh so tempting. On my first visit these caramels were on the front page and they just look so amazing...

There are lots of other fun finds emerging today as the Nesting Place is doing one of its periodic Giveaway days. There is a new giveaway posted each hour for 24 hours. There is the possibility of winning some cool stuff, but more likely you'll just be exposed to some interesting new vendors. So far, I've seen some pretty neat things and there are a few hours remaining.

Of course, I couldn't leave you without an Etsy vendor. In clearing out/reworking our office (have I not mentioned that here... hmmm... more to come on that) I've been selling some things we're purging on Ebay and elsewhere. Of course rather than using the money for the re-working, I immediately purchased some earrings from Owl on the Sill... granted they were less than my sales, but probably missed the point somewhere in there.

Slowly coming to the realization that if Maggie is sleeping now and I'm exhausted maybe I should be sleeping now too...

So that's all for today folks. Enjoy!

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