Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bethany's Shower

A week or so ago, we had our ladies book club at Bethany & Peter's. At Peter's suggestion, we set up a surprise shower for Bethany. (Brownie points for Peter!) We started with regular book club which focused on The Queen in Winter, which I actually rather liked.

When the discussion was wrapping up Jess and I went out to our cars and brought in all the goods. Lots of big, fun gifts with pooled money and a blanket craft project we made as a group for the little lady. We also had a guest book for everyone to write encouragement and advice for the soon to be parents.

I think Bethany was really surprised and we all had a fabulous time. In other good news, things seem to have stabilized somewhat with her pregnancy as she is now at 30.5 weeks and hopefully will continue on well so this little lady can grow some more before her big arrival.

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