Saturday, September 5, 2009

Maggie's 1st Month!

Amazing isn't it that a month has flown by already with Miss M? It has been amazing, busy, chaotic, frustrating and wonderful. I remain amazed at how quickly newborns change and to document this gave myself a goal of taking at least one picture per day of Miss M. Amazingly I think I met my goal! (a little unclear as some were on other people's cameras and I couldn't pick just one some days) Granted, some days the pictures are better than others. I have generally picked one from each day and created an album here for your enjoyment.

Overall memories include:

Maggie is smiling! You'll have to trust me on this one as we don't have pictures yet, sadly.

I feel oddly that her schedule is actually more out of whack now than when she was born as in the last week she has changed both her sleep and feeding "patterns." I put that in quotes as the new pattern has not emerged if there is one. She went from a very routine 3-4oz every 3-4 hours eater to something else that at the moment is puzzling. Sleep went from about 3-4 hours at a time at night to... who knows. Sometimes as much as 5-7 sleeping with me to as little as an hour at times by herself (matched with the weird feeding schedule).

We've had days where she has been pure adorable joy. She'll sleep , eat and coo at us. Friday, she even managed to just chill and sit on a blanket kicking quietly for almost half an hour. B never did this at her age. I actually had to call and tell Brent as it was such an odd amazing thing.

Another day, she literally screamed for three hours straight and we have no clue what the problem was and live in fear of that happening again. It breaks your heart and drives you crazy simultaneously. B did that a couple times though so probably ok and she has been fine since.

She has long, crazy hair for a new baby. It tends to sticking up in all directions, but is so amazingly soft we can't help but snuggle and pet it. Not sure where the color is headed either as it is a mix. Not remotely under control, even though we do try, but fun.

She loves the ceiling fan and will lay on blankets smiling and cooing at it a little.

She has outgrown almost all of her newborn clothes save for some dresses that are a bit more flexible. Mostly, she is in the 3-6 month things now. Fan favorites have been the Trumpette Mary Jane Socks from the Vos. I'm a growing fan of babylegs and will write more on those later. Otherwise, her every day pretty is often the cherry blossom themed onesies from Carters courtesy of Mary.

In a surprise to all of us - she takes pacifiers! Amazing and usually helpful (though not in the screaming craziness). I am used to thumbsucking so I forget to try them sometimes. She does like to suck on her fingers too and B's as well.

She has a tiny little mouth which causes feeding problems at times. We're now done nursing, in part because of this latch issue, but it also makes some bottles problematic so we're trying some other brands to help with that.

She does some snuggling with B and they lay on the flower pillows together which is very cute. Her only other toy of interest is a rattle from my friend Ann which seems to intrigue sometimes and distract her from the horror of having her diaper changed. She has also just started trying out her baby gym and is ok with it in short bits. All the work seems to be paying off as her head control is definitely improving.

Maggie has LOTS of nicknames. So many that I think I'll do another post on that.

She also spends a lot of time in carriers. I usually use the Peanut Sling and generally have really enjoyed it. I didn't use a sling with B, but think it is perfect while she's really small and I need my hands when we are out. We also have started using the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier again some in the last week. Thus far only for walks around the neighborhood, but it works well and fits both of us, unlike the sling. Had you told me before B that I'd own three baby carriers and love them all I'd have laughed, but it is true (The Ergo is waiting until she is a bit bigger to return to rotation).

Overall, she has generally been a very easy baby. She likes to be held rather than sleep alone which I think is normal. She just grows more lovely every day and we feel so lucky to have her in our lives. Thank you little lady we are so excited about what your future holds!

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