Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Meeting of Old & New

When we were at the farm, Maggie got to meet her Great-Grandma Blakley who is a feisty 94 years old than Miss M. I was lucky to meet two of my Great-Grandmothers as a child and still have a few memories of them tucked away. My kids are lucky to have more surviving Great-Grandparents to welcome them to the family. I am sad they will miss out on meeting my mom's mom, Brent's Grammy and the others that have already left us on this earth, but know we will share the stories and legacy with them. Seeing Maggie with my Grandma is a vivid reminder of the span of lives. It made me wonder at all that has changed since my Grandma was small and to try and imagine all the changes Maggie will see. In the meantime, my little ones will get to learn and experience history through their own family and that is a special gift indeed. I'm not sure how much they will remember of this time, but hopefully having the pictures will help.

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