Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Post-Partum Ponderings

Today was my six-week post-partum visit. In good news, all is well. I have a new prescription and the OK to resume exercise, etc. Generally, I think I'm doing much better mentally and physically than I was at this stage after having B. Granted, the challenges of taking care of two are much more, but we're learning.

My next step is to resume exercise and re-join Weight Watchers. Last time, I waited about four months to realize I would need help to meet my weight loss goals, but ended up very happy with Weight Watchers. This time, I was encouraged to re-join sooner as they are hosting the "Lose for Good" campaign. During this campaign they donate $1 for every pound lost from the beginning of September through Mid-October to two hunger relief organizations. Last year this campaign resulted in $1million in donations, 4 million pounds lost and 1.5 million cans of food donated by Weight Watchers groups.

Today is a special social media day for the Lose for Good Campaign so they are donating $1 for each blog post, twitter entry etc... Therefore, I've overcome my general reticence to share that I'm "on plan" to help out those that need the food much more than I do. One dollar per pound isn't that much so I'm going to join with my own pledge for the same time period and donate $2 for each pound I lose to our local food pantry to make the impact a little more local. I'll let you know the result, but so far I'm done 2.5 pounds after week 1!

As for exercise, I hope to be back at the Y soon, but until I feel comfortable with Maggie being watched there I am going to try basic things like DVDs I own and maybe Wii Fit to try to see if I can work them into our crazy days.

Otherwise, my post-partum keys are - buying or unearthing "transition" clothes as still being in maternity clothes feel odd and they don't fit right so being back in some normal clothes feels good. I also think wearing jewelry helps with my mood and my "feeling pretty" so I'm trying continuously to continue wearing some everyday as I did during my pregnancy.

Dressing beyond PJs is a key trick for the work at home situation too, but not one I need just now as for the first time in about 20 months I'm not teaching for Drexel and my maternity leave from GW continues through the week of Thanksgiving. If you can imagine, I am actually without a job for most of the fall. There is some concern this lack of my own work may drive me nuts. I'm hoping it doesn't, but we'll see. It also will mean pulling back our budget as we miss the Drexel money which keeps things comfortable around here. Time to go back to thinking frugally.... not fun, but worth it for the sleep and time with the little ones.

I'm still not too expert on handling both kids at once and thinking about a double-stroller, but not sure what I want. Brent is being a big help. I can't imagine how we'd function otherwise. I'm actually amazed how much of the pregnancy woes I've already forgotten. Those hormones are a miracle at washing away the painful parts. Already, I can barely recall what a contraction feels like or not being able to roll over. Nature is mysterious and wonderful. Here's hoping things continue to go well and we all find our rhythm again.

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Tracie said...

Way to go Abbey!!! Good Luck with Weight Watchers :) The campaign sounds great too.


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