Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Week: Saturday Journaling

Friday Night/Saturday Morning marked Maggie's first time to only wake up once in the night. (Hooray!) She went to sleep a bit later than usual and woke up at 3:30 and 8am! It was pretty spectacular. As my cold has not improved it was very nice to get the extra rest.

8-11am: We had sort of a slow start to the day. I got up at 8am with M and by the time I was feeding her B had found us. He, of course, was off to find Daddy shortly thereafter. We hung around doing laundry, feeding kids, changing clothes, taking showers, etc while we got ready for the requisite Target trip. We combined our shopping and coffee rituals and more or less had breakfast at the Starbucks in Target --- not too healthy, but tasty! We bought a few things for Sunday's Wii/Crop party and some basic household essentials. It managed to take us quite awhile, but everyone did well. Miss M even managed the trip in a stroller (rather than sling/carrier) which was a first.

11-1pm: We fed the kiddos, played games and unpacked groceries. I had crafts time with B for awhile which was fun. This time we played with stamps. The Colorado Dotters sent him some and we had a good time stamping funny colored dinosaurs and other creatures all over. I cleaned up the stamps a bit and they are set for next time. We also introduced B to his recently created "craft bag" which lives near my craft stuff and has the things we use for his crafts whenever he wants them. B also helped me make Chex Mix for the party the next day. Then, we moved on to books and puzzles before heading to a quick lunch and nap so he would be at least a little rested before heading over to visit Grammy.

2-8:30pm: We went to Brent's parents' house to watch the game (no cable here). It is actually a pretty great arrangement as B has lots of fun things to play with, Grammy gets to play with both kids, and they have an awesome TV set up so Brent and I get to watch the game while we wrangle kids and visit. His games included building towers, the train table, and swords with Daddy. Oddly, his new touchdown dance appears to be trying to stand on his head. Not sure why, but very cute. We also had BBQ, during which B informed us that he likes beef (Grandpa smiles). I think he liked the strawberry ice cream more, but who am I to say?

M was a bit fussier this time and B was a bit solitary, but all went well. As you recall, M is not a fan of the carseat experience so we were calming her down as the game ended (With a victory for the Sooners over the Baylor Bears) which prolonged our stay. Then, B had to have a bath with Grammy (He likes her, the tub, and the bubbles!) By this time, M was still fussing a bit and it was almost time for Granddaddy to get home from the game so we waited around. B got to play swords and balloons with Granddaddy to top off the evening. M only fussed the last two miles of the trip home so we considered that a success. Everyone was very tired when we got home, but happy.

8:30-9:30pm - We put the very tired kids to bed, finished some cleaning, and I headed to bed early as I was losing my voice from this cold. Brent mopped the floor for me (such a great hubby) and talked to Erik briefly before joining me. It was a good, relaxing day and a nice close to a busy week.

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