Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Exercise of Motherhood

This is maybe not what you are expecting. You are probably expecting the normal - I'm a new mom and need to get back in shape, here's my plan and I'll keep you posted blog entry. While yes, all that is true and I'm currently trying to find some core muscles using the Wii Fit this entry is actually about something slightly different. You see as a mom I find myself engaging in all sorts of exercise that you probably don't think about and that are, oddly, not in the WW activity points tracker. I've had two particularly strenuous days of Mommy exercise in the last week and thought I'd share as they're pretty typical of the "impact" of motherhood.

Episode one: (makes you think of Star Wars, no?) - Last Thursday, it was time for our monthly zoo class. (One more side-note - don't you love that I call things monthly when we've managed to do it exactly two months in a row? Right, moving on). B was ready to head to the zoo before it was actually time to go, but who am I to fight that? So, off we went to see some animals before class. Here is where the exercise routine comes in upon our arrival at the zoo. First, I unload the twenty pound stroller from the trunk and set that up complete with 40+ pound 2.5 year old. Then toss probably 5-10 pounds of stuff in the basket including the diaper bag, camera, jackets and more. Finally, I strap on my chest my probably 15+ pound infant. For those math whizzes out there I'm now at about 80 pounds of additional weight to haul around.

Off we go on a brisk walk to the zoo to try to see something before our class starts. Down and around we go seeing some Rhinoceroses, Condors, and the omnipresent Pierre David Deer. Somehow we manage to see those Deer every trip even if we see no other animnals and they aren't particularly interesting. Of course, B needs to get out and run around, have a snack, etc. So there's that chase and then I check my phone discovery it is almost class time. He is convinced to jump back in and I push/carry the whole contraption back to the front of the zoo which is of course up various hills. By the time we reach the classroom building I'm actually out of breath and seriously wondering why or how the OKC zoo even has steep hills with OK is so flat? In any case, cardio for Thursday - Check.

Episode two - M has been much more amenable to riding around in her stroller of late so on Monday I tried to take her shopping in it to two different stores. Within about 10 minutes of entering Michael's she was done, but I had quite a bit more to do so I just carried her as somehow the Bjorn had ended up in Brent's car. Ultimately, that was about 45 minutes of carrying Miss M one armed as I had to push the stroller too. Then, still stuck without a carrier and some must-do errands I tried the stroller at Target, but again ended up carrying her on a much shorter trip. She gets really heavy when using one arm, I have to say. I couldn't quite figure out why my Wii workout seemed to have so much arm impact today until it dawned on me it wasn't the Wii, it was my mommy exercise. At this rate, I'm going to have actual arm definition someday... or maybe she'll just learn to walk.

In any case, for those of you seeking alternative and varied exercise plans, may I recommend children totting? You can borrow mine occasionally if you find yourself short on children to tote. They are quite heavy and usually very pleasant exercise companions!


DebB said...

I remember that. The muscles across the top of my back used to bulge up like a weight lifter. One of the less glamorous parts of motherhood. ....Are there any glamorous ones? Hm......

Jamie said...

I am with you on that! I think next time I will take more advantage of the Mommy excerises, as it seems to be the only thing you have time for.


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