Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween - the Grand Finale!

The final installment in our Halloween saga was the big day itself! We had our frequent Saturday breakfast at Starbucks and then went to Michael's for Halloween Crafts! They had a neat promotion going where kids could come in and do two crafts with their employees for free. B might have been slightly young for this, but I think he still had fun. We made a magnetic photo frame for the refrigerator that included a dangling spider made out of pipe-cleaners and some of his original artwork. Next, we made a pencil topper out of some sort of special textured modeling clay. He did not like that quite as much as it felt odd (of course). They sent us on our way complete with crafts, a coloring sheet, candy, a treat bucket and a balloon!

We headed home and had family play time and lunch before going down for a nap. As mentioned, B takes a rather long nap so there wasn't too much time between the conclusion of naptime and trick-or-treating. We had a quick dinner courtesy of Sonic's 50cent Halloween Corn Dog special and then began suiting everyone up. We did quick photo shoots in the back yard with each kid and then started to peer out in the front to see if the festivities were underway. I think we may have been the first person to start in our cul de sac, but patience was gone so off we went. I strapped M into the Bjorn and put her wings on the outside of the carrier.

B went to many more houses than I would have guessed. Last year, we did maybe 5-6 houses. This time we went all around the block, usually hitting both sides of the street. It was tricky to figure out who was participating so sometimes we walked away empty handed. (Doesn't everyone know the rule about porch lights?) We had to move very slowly as his costume was a bit cumbersome. He seemed to have a great time, although he was tired by the far side of the block. He had a small fall so Brent carried him for a little while. He made it home happily and settled in to a candy feast! Trick-or-treating was wrapping up so we didn't have many people stop by for candy and most of ours wound up at OSSM safely out of my reach!

B seemed to really enjoy Halloween and so did Brent and I. M slept through much of it, as expected, but next year we'll have two little ones to chase and even more spooky fun!

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