Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Part III of IV - Costumes!

A few details on the costumes and their stores as I've had some queries:

Baby Butterfly: I love little ones in wings, but didn't want a fairy. I looked all over to find some wings that were more "butterfly," but many still thought she was a fairy. We just thought she was beautiful. We did put the wings on the bjorn for trick-or-treating which was a good butterfly look as well. Here's how we made it.

Wings: Fairy Wonderful - I LOVE the wings. We did have some trouble getting them as I ordered them the first week of October and the Monday before Halloween they still had not arrived. After some e-mail discussions the owner over-nighted a pair of wings to me as the original set never arrived. In good news, they arrived on Friday just in time for the Lam party!

Hat: Trinity Tutus - The hat came with a big white flower and you may have seen in pictures from her second day with us. This is also the source of Serenity and Allie's tutus. The later incorporated her tutu in to her Halloween costume and was beautiful!

The remainder of her outfit is a simple Gerber onesie and pants from Children's Place which I bought months ago for about $.95 (go me:)

I think the key aspect is the incredibly adorable baby face:) I'm just gaga over our little girl, but you knew that, right?

Old School Robot!

I love that we did this. Brent and I made this together. Brent was the primary designer and definitely had the over arching vision. B had said he wanted to be a robot for months. I have no clue where he came up with this, but he was adamant. I was a little intimidated at the thought of making one from scratch, but no suitable robot costumes were available commercially. I tried to convince them that Buzz Lightyear would work. Both informed me that he is not a robot. As B says he is a "flying man." No, I don't think he has ever even seen the whole movie.

Ultimately, it was a truly collaborative effort using both our strengths, tools around the house (read lots of my crafts/scrapbooking tools) and just a little shopping. Here are the highlights in case you want to make your own super superb robot costume. In the end, not much cheaper than a commercial costume, but cooler, a lot more fun and something I'm really proud of us for doing. The whole thing just made all of us so happy.

Legs and Arms - Dryer Vent (Home Depot), attached with Duct Tape and pipe cleaners
Helmet - Bucket (home depot) + eye mask made of craft foam (Target), LED safety light (Target)
Body: Car seat box, metallic silver paint (rustoleum from home depot), dials - created by Brent using inkscape (software is downloadable at inkscape.com, if you are interested), LED safety light (Target), buttons - random office magnets from Target, "rivets" - glass pebbles wrapped in aluminum foil and attached with hot glue
Trick-or Treat bucket - favor from Serenity's birthday party:) Side-Note - He has a real monogrammed trick-or treat bucket that we found precisely two days after halloween, but it wouldn't have been nearly as cool with this costume.

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