Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Magical Merigue

I recently posted on Twitter that I'd likely never truly be thin as I love bacon too much and that is surely true although I will continue to be fit and healthy while loving bacon:) Oddly, one of my favorite cookies is virtually fat free - Meringues! As mentioned earlier in the year, we make Meringue Mushrooms for the Christmas Tea. They are delicious, time consuming and wonderful. If you find yourself a bit shorter on time, simple meringue cookies are perfect. They are also great to have around in the coming holiday rush as I'm sure any hostess would love to add them to her table. I don't have one recipe I'm wedded to, but Tuesday I made a variant by Mark Bittman similar to this one. You can find many variants by googling meringue cookies.

They are all basically egg whites, sugar and maybe a little cream of tartar and vanilla. You whip the air into the egg whites, add sugar and with lots of help from a good mixer you have some magically tasty fluff. You can pipe it or spoon it onto foil covered cookie sheets. The shaping part is quite forgiving so great fun for little ones. The little mounds cook very slowly at 200 degrees or less for a couple hours. The finished product is delightfully sweet, crisp and melts into your mouth. Better still -- you can fold in some add-ins like chocolate or chopped nuts if you're feeling fancy. A perfect little treat to add to your holiday recipe collection. Enjoy!

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