Thursday, December 17, 2009

December Daily: Day 16 - Ornaments

Wednesday was a bit of a tough day to me due to toddler shenanigans but am trying to find and focus on the good that even that tough day brought. I found a lot of that good in B's backpack. He brought home all his final craft projects for the end of the semester at MDO. This included my very first kid-made ornaments. You'll see here a gingerbread man, one including his hand print and face and there is also a cute rudolph one made of popsicle sticks taht didn't photograph well. These are proudly displayed on our new tree along with a tiny pink shoe ornament for Maggie's first year, a waterford crystal train ornament celebrating Brendan's Christmas last year. There are pearl initial letters for each ofus and plenty of sparkly snowflakes, stars, balls, reindeer, jingle bells and more. It is a beautiful, diverse, sparkly wonderful tree make all the more special by these little unique ornaments from our little guy. I know there are many more of these in our future, but these first ones are so special.

At the very bottom of the photo trail today is the album page for Day 6. I haven't made as much progress on these this week as I'd hoped, but am loving the ones I've done and enjoying the time I have had to work on them.

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