Monday, December 21, 2009

December Daily: Day 21- Sibling Love

(Yes, I will work backwards over the days I've skipped, but nowhere is better to start than the present!)

Today was a lot of things, but most noticeably about sibling love. Both between me and my siblings and my two kids. My brother, on only 4 hours sleep, got up to take my sister and her husband to the airport so I could sleep a bit. I got up at 5:30 to wish them off after tossing and turning in the night with cold/allergies. My sister and Zach had come to OK for an early Christmas as she has to work on Christmas using up the remainder of Zach's leave for this year to spend time with our family. The day continues with Able watching/helping with my kids before heading back to the farm. (Pictured above are Able and B's shoes as my kid learns and shares with my brother).  B helps Maggie in the morning here and rushes out the door with me to pick her up when we get a call that she's been crying for hours at Miss Connie's. Later, he lays on the floor with her and snuggles as she practices rolling every which way.

I admit, I spent much of the day reclaiming my house from the chaos and trying to figure out M's problems, but the overriding theme was that young or old, siblings rock!

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