Friday, December 4, 2009

December Daily: Day 4 - Jingle Bells

(Decisions, Decisions - do I use the sweet, gentle looking away picture or the aggressive smiling one?)

This week at school and at home we have been singing Christmas songs and Jingle Bells in particular. B is getting pretty good at it. I thought we would add instruments for more fun. Grandma B, of course, gave us jingle bells. (She loves bells for those that don't know her). I tried to get him to use them with the song. He prefered maracas and later claves.... Jingle Bells the remix Lil' B style.

(P.s. today was "supposed" to be we all go buy a Christmas tree day. Sadly, we didn't find one I liked and came home empty handed with a confused little boy. Brent thinks I'll never like a fake tree. I thought maybe I was ready. We will work on it over the weekend...)
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