Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December Daily: Days 27,28, 29, 30

Day 27: We began the day on a bright, happy note with a visit from Mary & Andy. (You are remembering to vote for their group on Facebook, right?) We had a lovely brunch and then we headed to the farm for funeral prep and the wake. It was a pretty wacky experience and I'm glad we started our day warm at home with our happy friends. I also enjoyed making a collage with my sister and some quality time with just my two siblings in transit.

Day 28: Funeral - This was most of our day and was full of odd and sometimes special experiences. I read at the funeral and Brent was a pal bearer. The kids stayed home with Mom's friend Diane. My mom tells the biggest story of the day best here.

Day 29: Post- Funeral nonsense - We had some stress this day about random things, but I think managed to pull up in the end. My brother was THE MAN and helped smooth all the ruffled feathers. I, in return, taught him to make the traditional Dotter cheeseball. He kicked it up a notch with some liquid smoke and paprika as his original contributions. B got to feed cattle with Grandpa too, which he loved. We finished the day with group painting fun. My brother recently took up oil painting and wanted others to share in the fun. We all had canvas, brushes and paint. B chose to focus on blue and green and I worked on his canvas with him. We used acrylics, of course, for easier clean up. It was a relaxing, stress free way to end a tough day. I loved how different everyone's paintings were and love the shared crafting time.

Day 30: Transition - Today, we did a bit more looking through my Grandma's belongings and shortly thereafter packed up to return to Edmond and our normal lives. Able spent some time bonding with Maggie (above). I had a fun relaxing shopping trip with my sister where we bought fun Christmas clearance things and I wrestled a cute pregnancy T-shirt off the manequin for her. We finished up my siblings visit with dinner and cookie-baking at my house as I reunited with Brent (He had to go back to the city Monday evening). I've also "almost" mastered making coffee including the silly girly coffee I bought today.  Next, up New Year's even and looking forward after days of looking back. Love and hugs to my family and thanks to all of you for the well-wishes this week!

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Christina Manning said...

It sounds like even in a time of sadness, you guys were able to share some great times together that will never be forgotten. You have all been in our thoughts and prayers.

Tracie said...

If you need anything tomorrow, I will be around just give me a shout. I may even just stop by with gifts for B and Magpie. Let me know if that is OK - T


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